offers free international dial-in numbers in 15 different countries.

Conducting business in the UK, US, Canada or Australia? Looking to build your following in Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands? With, you can chat with colleagues in Berlin before checking in with a corporate client in Johannesburg, all at no extra cost.

What is dial-in conferencing?

Dial-in conferencing is an easy way to let your meeting participants enter a conference call. They can dial-in on a free conference call from a computer or cell phone. Here’s how simple it is to use a free conference call dial-in number and access code.

girl on phone call

This is Emma in London, England. She wants to connect with her colleague Paul in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

FreeConference free international dial in numbers

Emma sends Paul the US dial-in number. While he calls the US number, Emma calls the UK dial-in number.


Both Emma and Paul enter Emma’s access code, and they’ve been happily catching up for hours, without any regretful long distance fees!

Free International Dial-Ins

Australia Australia:
+61 8 9520 3110
Austria – National:
+43 820 4445999
Austria Austria – Mobile:
+43 820 987601
Belgium Belgium:
+32 2 808 76 34
Canada Canada:
+1 867 292 3030
Canada Canada:
+1 587 405 1252
Finland Finland:
+358 9 74790416
Germany Germany:
+49 211 95987102
Hungary Hungary:
+36 1 848 0439
Ireland Ireland:
+353 1 437 0588
+370 5 207 8094
Netherlands Netherlands:
+31 20 262 1918

Nigeria Nigeria:
+234 700 123 5560
Poland Poland:
+48 22 116 86 89
South Africa South Africa:
+27 87 195 0685
Ukraine Ukraine:
+380 89 320 2487
United Kingdom United Kingdom:
+44 333 113 0100
United States United States:
+1 712-832-8330

Premium International Dial-ins

Get access to additional, premium quality international dial-ins with brand-free greetings. This means your callers will never hear “welcome to” on your calls.

Upgrade Today! You have the freedom to cancel anytime with no commitments or long-term contracts.

Argentina Argentina
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Canada Canada
Chile Chile
China China
Croatia Croatia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Denmark Denmark
El Salvador El Salvador
Estonia Estonia
France France
Ghana Ghana
Greece Greece
Hong Kong Hong Kong
India India
Indonesia Indonesia
Israel Israel
Italy Italy
Latvia Latvia
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Malaysia Malaysia
Mexico Mexico
Netherlands Netherlands
New Zealand New Zealand
Norway Norway
Portugal Portugal
Romania Romania
Singapore Singapore
South Africa South Africa
Spain Spain
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland
Turkey Turkey

Go free-range with Free Conference’s new expanded international conference call dial-in numbers. Now, the only borders that matter to your business are the ones you set yourself.

*Please note: India, China and Ghana dial-ins cannot be applied to the premium minutes included in the plans. They will be charged at a rate of 15¢ per minute, per caller. Click here to view a complete list of available international dial-ins and rates.*

For a complete list of all international conference call numbers CLICK HERE

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