Improve Your Online Meeting with’s Online Whiteboard Feature

What is an online whiteboard?

Have you ever had trouble describing something during a conference call? Sure, you can always hold a video call and use hand gestures to convey information, or use a combination of screen sharing and document sharing to show your meeting participants an image, document, or PDF, but sometimes that is not enough.

The online whiteboard feature is available on all paid plans.

Start with a paid account now!’s premium whiteboard feature takes collaboration to the next level, allowing both you and your participants to draw, erase, and place shapes into a completely virtual notepad right in your online meeting room.


The next time you need to describe something complex, just turn on the whiteboard feature and start drawing in real-time for all of your participants to see. You can use different colors or shapes to denote different parts of what you are trying to describe during the conference call, and even save your whiteboard for future reference.

How does the whiteboard work during a conference call?

Whiteboard-top-barTo enable the whiteboard feature on your account, simply start by entering your online meeting room.

From there, click on the DRAW button at the top of the screen. This will open up the shared whiteboard for your entire online meeting. You and your participants can now draw, create, and share ideas together like you never could on a conference call by using the buttons on the left-hand side.

Why use the whiteboard for your next online meeting? is all about giving our users options. Even if you don’t plan to use the whiteboard feature, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that it is always available when you need it. If you ever talk about a subject on a conference call that would be better explained by drawing it, you have that option.

When you’re done, you can clear and close the whiteboard at any time if you find that it distracts your participants from what you’re trying to accomplish. Your whiteboard can also be saved as a PNG file and saved to your computer, or shared with your participants. This way, you never have to struggle to remember what you or your participants illustrated on the whiteboard.


Whiteboard from wherever with–no downloads required

Conference calls should eliminate communication barriers, not the other way around. With whiteboarding added to your arsenal of premium conference calling tools, your meetings are sure to be more productive than ever before. And as always, there are no downloads required for accessing your, meaning that meeting over the phone or web is as seamless and straightforward as possible.

The whiteboard feature is available on all paid plans.

Start with a paid account now!

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