FreeConference is a free conference calling service that offers unlimited free conference calling with a ton of high-quality, free features you’ll love!

Whether you’re connecting with a colleague overseas or delivering last quarter’s results down the hall, makes it easy for you to host a conference call at any time, anywhere.

It’s the conferencing solution that allows you to host up to 1,000 audio callers on your conference while staying in complete control with moderator controls. Want to know more about Moderator Controls? Check out our Moderator Controls feature page!

Need more than 1,000 participants? We’ve got you covered!



Free International Dial-Ins Numbers Worldwide

Don’t leave your international callers without a free conference call dial-in. No matter where they’re calling from, provides your participants with over 15 free dial-in numbers worldwide.

From the United States to the United Kingdom to South Africa, provides free international dial-ins to make sure your participants can stay connected.

Free conference call dial-in numbers included in your free account:


Australia Australia:
+61 8 9520 3110
Austria – National:
+43 820 4445999
Austria Austria – Mobile:
+43 820 987601
Belgium Belgium:
+32 2 808 76 34
Canada Canada:
+1 867 292 3030
Canada Canada:
+1 587 405 1252
Finland Finland:
+358 9 74790416
Germany Germany:
+49 211 95987102
Hungary Hungary:
+36 1 848 0439
Ireland Ireland:
+353 1 437 0588
+370 5 207 8094
Netherlands Netherlands:
+31 20 262 1918

Nigeria Nigeria:
+234 700 123 5560
Poland Poland:
+48 22 116 86 89
South Africa South Africa:
+27 87 195 0685
Ukraine Ukraine:
+380 89 320 2487
United Kingdom United Kingdom:
+44 333 113 0100
United States United States:
+1 712-832-8330


Schedule Your Calls in Advance

FreeConference-scheduleSchedule your free conference call in advance using our easy to use Scheduling Feature. It’s simple. Pick a date, compare time zones, invite participants, and select the required free dial-in numbers. Participants will get an email invitation.

When they RSVP, they’ll receive an email reminder 15 minutes before the call. Who knew scheduling meetings could be this pain-free?


Or Conference on the Fly – Your Choice!

Your account is your personal, on-demand free conference call line. It’s always available for you and your participants. Your dedicated dial-in number and access code are conveniently located at the top of your conferencing dashboard.

Take Complete Control of your Meetings with Moderator Controls

In-Call Moderator Controls offers you the ability to moderate your calls with the click of a keypad.

Online Meeting Moderator controls give you more power over your collaboration and participants.

Hold a Video Conference or Stick to Audio Conferencing

Address a group of many or a few with video or audio. Group video is easy to invite, start and get up and running. Want to have a conference call? You can go either way!

In the Online Meeting Room, you can decide whether you want to turn on your camera. How do you want to communicate? With video and audio and even Text Chat you can communicate as little or as much as you want.

Your account comes with FREE features including…

free conference calls-more features

Call Summaries
Your post-meeting details, all in one place. Easily accessible and convenient to search.

Personal Online Meeting Room
Host unlimited meetings in your online meeting room. It’s private, on-demand and there are zero downloads required!

Free Screen Sharing
Enhance collaboration and visual impact when participants can see exactly what you see on your screen – in real-time!

Video Conferencing
What’s the second-best thing to being in person? Meet face to face with free video conferencing calls.

Mobile Apps (Android & iPhone)
Connect anywhere on the go from the palm of your hand. Perfect for iPhone, iPad and Android.

…or upgrade to paid features


Custom Hold Music
Personalize meetings and take the waiting out of being on hold.

Call Recording
Record your calls and online meetings. Save now, watch later. Access all your recordings in one place.

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