Free offers the only fully integrated, download-free video conference experience available.

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is instant and allows people from all over the world to connect in real time. Anyone can do it from home or a conference room! Video conferencing connects participants so they can collaborate and work effectively on projects together.

In an online meeting, participants can quickly join in using browser-based web conferencing. This ensures online meetings happen without any downloads, delays or set-ups.

The most popular feature, the free online meeting room, gives participants a place to meet before the online meeting gets underway. Hosts have the freedom to choose when to be seen and when to turn the video conference feature off.

How do I start free video conferencing?

To get started, simply fill in the signup form below. You’ll be directed to your in-browser online meeting room.

To start a meeting, click on the menu on the right, and copy the conference details. You can then email or text these to meeting participants. They can join via internet browser if they use Chrome, or via the app available for download here.

Click “start now” in your online dashboard.

Once you and your participants are in the online meeting room, click the video icon at the top of the screen. Now you’re hosting a video conference! is a free conferencing service with high quality audio and video capabilities. Features include video recording, calls that can accommodate up to 1,000 participants, dial-in numbers and access via mobile devices.

Enjoy the intuitive controls that allow you to mute, control your video and screen share effortlessly. Learn more about how to start a video conference. Visit our support article with step by step instructions.


A account is a totally free conference call solution. Included in the free plan is hosting up to 5 online meeting participants on a video call. Do you need to include more than 5 participants in an online video conference? Check out our affordable and friendly paid plans.

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A account is a totally free conference call solution and includes up to 5 online meeting participants to join a video call. Do you need to include more than 5 participants in an online video conference? Check out our paid plans.

Online Meeting Room Features


No Downloads

The in-browser meeting room is a innovation. No other free conference calling service offers a download-free web conferencing service with fully integrated video calls, screen sharing, and dial-in numbers.

Screen Sharing

Sharing a presentation on an online conference call is as simple as sharing your screen.’s high-quality screen sharing requires no downloads and with simple, intuitive controls, online meetings will be frustration free.




Document Sharing

Make follow up emails a thing of the past by providing call participants with the documents required during the call. Since all documents are also included in conference call summary emails, you’ll rest easier knowing that your participants received it.

Moderator Controls

Simple to use call moderator controls keep your online meetings on topic and always productive with host/organizer controls and ‘conference mode’ settings. Both features allow the conference call host to take charge of the session and mute other participants to maximize productivity.


freeconference chat-text

Text Chat

With text chat any participant can add extra information to the meeting without interruption. Your Free Conference online conference room automatically includes text chat – for free! This feature is great for asking questions or sharing specific information quickly.

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