With a permanent, dedicated free conference call dial-in number and access code, setting up and joining meetings is faster than ever.

Use your free conference line and dial in on demand.

Last minute conference calls with multiple participants will never be a hassle to set up again. Share your conference dial in number and access code and participants will be able to connect in minutes. No need to worry about reserved conference lines, call time limits or hidden fees.

Get your free dedicated conference line and start a free conference today!

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Set up a conference call in advance with your dedicated dial in and access code.

If you prefer to schedule conference call meetings in advance you can include your dial in number and access code directly in a calendar invite. Your FreeConference dedicated dial in number access code never changes or expires, so participants will have no problem dialing in – no matter how far in advance the meeting was scheduled.

Choose to host a free teleconference with your dial in number or host a web conference.

Free Conference gives you the freedom to have conference calls and online meetings on your schedule. Your dedicated dial in number is just one of the amazing Free Conference features that make meetings better.

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