What is a dedicated dial-in number?

A dial-in number is a number and access code that you share with callers so they can connect with you directly and immediately. A dedicated dial-in number makes setting up and joining meetings faster than ever, because there is no need to worry about reserved conference lines, call time limits, or hidden fees.
Don’t get stuck scheduling when a last-minute meeting comes up! As long as your participants have your access code, and you have your moderator PIN, you can all dial the same number and be connected right away.

What is dial-in conferencing with Free Conference?

Dial in conferencing enables callers from around the globe to attend your meeting simply by phoning your Free Conference call number and entering your access code. If you hold weekly, or even daily conference calls with the same people, you can simply share your dedicated dial-in conference number and access code with them.

Conference calls with multiple participants are much easier when you can just give everyone the same set of numbers. The fewer numbers people have to remember, the better it is for everyone.


Need To Set Up A Conference Call In Advance? You Can Do That Too!

Sometimes you need to schedule a conference call meeting in advance, and FreeConference.com has thought of that as well. When you send a calendar invite to your participants, you can also choose to include all of your call information on the invite as well. This means that your dedicated dial-in number and access code will be visible when your participant sees the notification. No more fumbling through read emails for numbers!

Never Busy, Always Available. Your Dedicated Dial-In Numbers Is Yours

Don’t get caught with the embarrassment of having your participants dial into a busy signal, or a “try again later” message. Come rain or shine, your dedicated dial-in number is just that: dedicated. It is always standing by if you need to create an on-demand conference call.


Dedicated Dial-In or Web Conference? With FreeConference.com You Don’t Have To Choose

Mike from accounting always uses your dedicated dial-in number, but Sophia and Derek can only join your conference from their computers. Sound like a problem? Not with FreeConference.com!

FreeConference.com gives both you and your participants the freedom to host your conference call over the web or the phone, using any device available. Your dedicated dial-in number is just one of the free and easy methods that FreeConference.com gives you to connect with the people that matter.

Give Your Participants Peace Of Mind With A Free Dedicated Dial-In, Courtesy Of FreeConference

Your dedicated dial-in is conveniently placed in the blue band at the top of your conference call dashboard, which is the first page you see when you log into your account. You can click on it to copy it to your clipboard, or even change it from the Primary Dial-In Numbers section of the Settings page. Many of our customers save their dedicated dial-in to their cell phone making life just a little easier. Who doesn’t want that?!

FreeConference.com’s new whiteboard feature comes standard on all paid plans.


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