Make Any Call With Reliable Toll-Free Conference Calls

Let your callers connect for free with toll-free conference call numbers from anywhere. There are multiple calling plans to choose from. Any small business, solopreneur or remote worker can run a professional-looking business using a toll-free 800 number.

What is a toll-free number, and how does it work?

A toll-free telephone number is a distinct three-digit code (according to FCC regulations) dialed from a device at no charge to the caller. Callers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore and Australia can avoid telephone charges by using any toll-free 800 888 877 866 855 844 or 833 number.

Upgrade to a paid account now!

Sign up for a Starter, Plus or Pro plan to receive toll-free dial-in numbers. Impress a new customer with a toll-free conference call number, or just show your regular clientele that you care about what they spend to meet with you. Toll-free numbers are a great way to encourage participation while keeping costs at a minimum. Plus, the toll-free conference calling feature is available on all paid plans.

Give toll-free conference calling a shot with your next meeting. It’s like a virtual phone available on cell phones, plus they can be dialed on from landlines. Conference participants will appreciate having a 1-800 number to join the session whichever device they use.

Calls within the same country are free for customers to call. International or mobile calls using an area code may have long distance or mobile charges.

Show professionalism and credibility with a 1-800 number

A toll-free dial-in number or a vanity number looks more professional. It comes with Caller Id as well, so participants know that you are legitimate and credible.

A toll-free call using a toll-free conference call number from comes with Brand-Free Greetings, which means you and your participants will never need to hear “” at the beginning of your call again.

Make it easy (and free) for your customers to connect

Offer a way to connect without paying for a long-distance connection. A toll-free dial-in number means callers can use it just like a local number regardless of where they dial from.

Ensure maximum reliability using premium toll-free numbers

Upgrade to a toll-free number and experience far less dropped calls or noise/static on the line. Standard free dial-ins are shared by many users. They are often based in rural areas which makes them less reliable.

Toll-free numbers are affordable. Upgrade your plan for even more cost savings. There is no commitment and no long-term contracts which means you have the freedom to cancel anytime. Take a look at the current pricing plans below.

How to get a toll-free 1-800 conference call number

Toll-Free Minutes per Month (INCLUDED) 100 500 750
Overage Fee .10/minute
(after 100 minutes have been used)
(after 500 minutes have been used)
(after 750 minutes have been used)
Monthly Subscription Fee 9.99 24.99 34.99
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To get started with a toll-free conference call number, simply sign up for a Starter, Plus or Pro plan. You can set your plan according to how many toll-free conference minutes you will need.

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With toll-free numbers, international dial-ins, call recording, Google Calendar Sync (coming soon) and more, you can have all of this – with zero downloads!

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