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Gallery and Speaker View

Look at meetings differently with Gallery and Speaker View! See up to 24 participants as small tiles in a grid-like formation, or as a full-screen view of the person speaking.
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speaker view on mobile screen and gallery view on ipad screen

Host More Dynamic Meetings

Add a more visual dimension to the way your meeting is laid out. Use Gallery View to present all participants in one screen, or let Speaker View open up the display to take you between the current speaker.

See Everyone Together

In Gallery View, everyone can be seen on your screen as small thumbnail tiles in a grid-like formation that widens and narrows when a participant joins or leaves the meeting. Use Text Chat to address the group or individuals privately.

Galleryview on iPad screen with the magic pen aside
in call page on macbook and iPhone, with two other participants headshots floating around

Get Up Close and Personal to Speakers

The second-best thing to being in person, Speaker View automatically picks up the audio based on who is doing the talking and opens to a full-screen experience. The current speaking presenter’s tile is enlarged and highlighted yellow for easy recognition.

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