Notes are great, but sometimes even your best note taking can miss critical details. For lengthy meetings, detailed information capture, and a crystal clear understanding of delegation and timelines, nothing beats a recording of your meeting. Conference Call Recording from is a very affordable feature that creates an MP3 file of your meeting with just a single mouse-click.

Share your conference call recordings with anyone who missed the meeting, or who might need to circle back and check into exactly what was said. With, it’s easy to share your recordings: Each conference call recording is assigned a unique link for listening or download, along with a recording code for telephone playback. Both allow for quick and easy sharing of call recordings.

How to record your call

Once you’ve started your conference call, it’s easy to start a recording. If you are on a call via computer, simply hit the Record button located at the top of the tool bar. You will know the call is being recorded because the red recording button will flash. If you are calling via telephone, *9 will enable the recording. Note that if you’re initiating recording from your phone, you’ll have to enter the session using your dedicated Moderator PIN (found in Settings).

How to access your conference call recordings

Once you complete your call via computer, you can immediately access your recording from the call summary. This window will pop up after you close the conference.
You can choose to play the recording back then and there; or you can retrieve the shareable URL (or dial-in number/access code) to send out to others, so that they can access the recording as well.

Conference Call Recording - Call Summary

For recordings that were done via telephone, sign in to your FreeConference online and follow the steps below.

Access your recordings for up to 30 days

Conference call recordings stay archived in your account for 30 days, regardless of how many conferences have been recorded. The MP3 can be downloaded to your own computer for editing or storage, where it’s yours to keep forever.

Simply visit your Recordings page (press Menu on the tool bar in your main conference ) to copy the shareable URL or dial-in number/access code to send out to others. Recipients can then download the recording for themselves, or listen by telephone playback. Whatever your preference for accessing recordings, we’ve got you covered.

Conference Call Recording

Conference call recording features:

  • Archiving
  • Replay & fast-forward
  • Set recording bookmarks
  • Use to record any meeting
  • 30-day storage and playback
  • Telephone playback with unique conference code
  • Once downloaded, the MP3 file is yours to keep or edit
  • Distribute to those who couldn’t attend the meeting via your unique FreeConference Recording link

Get Conference Call Recording from for a 100% accurate record of your meetings. Call Recording is offered with any of our value-packed plans: Starter, Plus, and Pro Conferencing Plans.

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