Capture all the important details with conference call recording.

Notes are great, but sometimes even your best note taking can miss critical details. The point of note taking is to be concise, but sometimes you will need a detailed summary of what was said. Should you make your participants stop talking so that you can catch up? What about if you need to google a few technical terms or grab a highlighter? What you need is conference call recording.

For lengthy or important virtual meetings that require detailed information capture and a crystal-clear understanding of delegation and timelines, nothing beats a recording of your meeting. Conference Call Recording from not only records the complete audio of your meeting, but it also creates an MP3 file that can be shared. MP4 (Video) Recording is also available. Learn More >


The conference call recording feature is available on all paid plans.

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Record your conference call with the simple click of a button.

Once you’ve started your conference call, it’s easy to start a conference call recording. If you are on a call via computer, simply hit the Record button located at the top of the tool bar. You will know the call is being recorded because the red recording button will flash. If you are calling via telephone, *9 will enable the recording. Note that if you’re initiating recording from your phone, you’ll have to enter the session using your dedicated Moderator PIN (found in Settings).

All Call Recordings Now Automatically Transcribed with AI!

What if you could search your conference recording and instantly pinpoint the precise time when something was said? Better yet, what if you could search your meeting history to find the meeting (or meetings) when a specific subject was mentioned?

Now you can, with Auto Transcripts, brought to you by Cue™.

Easily share your conference call recording with anyone who has missed the meeting.

Have a team member that missed the meeting? Don’t hand them the shakily-written notes and force them to go through the extra trouble of deciphering them. Instead, give them a perfect reproduction of what was talked about and agreed upon during the meeting so there is no room for misunderstanding.

With, it’s easy to share your recordings: Absentees can either call into the telephone playback line, or be given the MP3 file, giving you more options for bringing your team up to speed.

Access all of your conference call recordings in one place.

Once you complete your call, you can immediately access your recording from the call summary. This window will pop up after you close the conference.


You can choose to play the recording back right from this page or you can retrieve the shareable URL to send out to others, so that they can access the recording as well. If you prefer the telephone playback option, clicking on the phone icon will show you the telephone playback dial-in number and access code (They are unique, and different from your other numbers).

Conference call recordings are archived in your account for easy access, regardless of how many conferences have been recorded. To view your recordings, visit your Recordings Page (press Menu on the top toolbar while in your conference dashboard).

Unlimited Call Recording is included in any paid plan!


How to Record Your Conference Calls

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