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"Easy to use and exactly what I needed!"

--Cassidy M., Attorney

"Calls are consistently noise-free. Easy scheduling now even easier with the dedicated number."

--Robert McGrath, Ph.D. Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"I love the Cost, features, privacy, ability to communicate with multiple people at the same time with clear communication."

--Ministry Leader

"I love that it’s FREE! We’re a not for profit ministry in Guatemala that does our board meetings with stateside members, so all we have to pay for is the recording for our records. Thanks for offering this great service!!"

--Not-for-profit Board Member

"Good audio quality"

--Danny Bockting,

"Easy to use, everything worked fine – as always. I love using"

--Robert Marro, Managing Director – Alliance for an Indivisible America 2020

"Clear sound. No dropped calls. Same excellence I have been accustomed to with FreeConference."

--Bret Nathaniel, Athletes in Action

"It worked fantastically!"

--Jaylexia Clark, Cornell University

"Incredibly easy!"

--Susan Ferris – Director, Marketing & Contract Development,

"I use FC to arrange meetings for a non-profit organization, and the free service is very important to us. The feature that saves me the most time is the Quick Scheduler. This is brilliant as I can quickly schedule my monthly meetings and be on my way."

--Lennia Machen

"It’s great that it’s FREE!! I don’t know how you do it but it really aides my peace advocacy work immensely … you are contributing to world peace."

--Anne, World Peacebuilder

"I’m chair of a stewardship committee at church. Due to severe weather forecast the day before, I opted to make this a conference call to ensure attendance. Whereas 15 people typically at meeting, 12 took part in call. Your service was free, accessible and easy to use. We managed to email hand-outs and call-in information the night before for everyone’s use. This was a great alternative to meetings that are difficult to accommodate everyone’s schedule, especially when commuting / driving to destination is an issue."

--John A.

"Easy to set up, great audio quality, and priced right (Free). Five stars!!"

--FreeConference Customer

"We really like your product, very impressive!"

--Ted Hicks, Late Night Parent

"I love all the changes that are being made especially the no schedule conference call dial in number I recently received…it is great."

--Kathy Deforte, DeBartolo Development

"Had a great experience…loved the email system to invite my guests, we had a great connection. Flawless!"

--FreeConference Customer

"Just had a great conference call with @FreeConference. What an amazing free to use web based conferencing app!"

--Paul Hawkins @Enfopaul

"Yup. Still love and use this free conference call service from@FreeConference since 2007"

--Kim Lavine @KimLavine

"I HIGHLY recommend @FreeConference!! We use to setup conf calls w/partners all over the US! Professional+Easy+Awesome"

--ETCleanFuels @ETCleanFuels

"I am a high school teacher and football coach. We used freeconference after several failed attempts using Google hangouts. We wanted to video conference for our football coaching staff so we could spend more time with families. Your site was not only user friendly, it was perfect for everything we needed to do. We will continue to use this for our weekly staff meetings. Thank you so much."

--High School Teacher and Football Coach

"Highly recommend @FreeConference – we use to reach out to our clients in France & Germany. Easy + Professional"

--D&S Communication @danielandsara

"@FreeConference Just tried it for the first time. Very handy! Heard about it on @LBC."

--Darren Surrey @DarrenSurrey

"Great info and a great service @FreeConference! I’ve used it many times! I ❤️ that u can record/DL!"


"We use FreeConference for our weekly conference training calls every Thursdays and Fridays – it’s very user friendly and the quality is great! Our Consultants love the fact they can download these calls after and have training on the go."

--NMC Field Services

"The conference call was very clear I enjoy the fact that I could see the partial phone numbers of the members on the phone."

--Carol Nemard-McNeil

"Very clear communication simply awesome."

--Jon Jackson

"Very good audio quality. Thanks!"

--James Caffrey

"Crystal clear audio. Possibly, the best telephone conference call experience I’ve ever had."

--Collins Olorondu, Rosenberg, TX