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A. Top Questions

Is Free Conference Really Free?

Yes, FreeConference really is free!

While we do offer paid plans with premium features, there is absolutely no requirement to purchase anything at all to host unlimited conference calls or online meetings.

There is no catch. This is not a limited-time offer – no gimmicks, no gotchas and no tricks. These standard services are full-featured, with only minimal service limitations.… Read more →

B. Dial-Ins and Phone Conferencing

What is a dial in conference call?

A dial in conference call is a conference call in which all meeting participants dial into a specific number to enter. They are prompted to enter an access code, which is provided by the call organizer. … Read more →

What is a dial in number?

A dial in number is a specific number to call to enter a conference call. With FreeConference, your dial in number is assigned to you when you sign up. … Read more →

How do I setup a dial in conference call?

To get started, simply sign up. Then login to your dashboard at You can setup a dial in conference for the future, by clicking ‘Schedule’ or immediately by clicking ‘Start’. … Read more →

Does FreeConference provide local numbers options?

FreeConference offers a variety of dial-in numbers in cities across North America and around the world. 15+ free dial-ins are included in the FREE plan.

Additional premium local and international dial-ins, including toll-free, are available with our premium plan upgrades. A full breakdown of the dial-ins are listed below and on our dial-in rates page.

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What are toll-free dial-ins?

A toll-free telephone number or freephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge.… Read more →

C. Web Conferencing

How does the Whiteboard Feature work?

The Whiteboard feature allows your team to Brainstorm and collaborate on design ideas, draw diagrams on the fly so people can see what you are thinking and annotate documents, all within your Online Meeting Room in real time.

ALL our paid plans now come with the new Whiteboard feature included.

FreeConference Whiteboard ToolbarWhile in the online meeting room, to open the blank whiteboard to share your ideas, just click on the ‘DRAW’ icon in the top menu. This will open up a blank space for all participants view and interact with. Everyone will be able to see any changes made as they happen. You can also use this feature on with an uploaded document or file, as well as with your screen sharing session.

FreeConference Whiteboard

To save your whiteboard images at any time, just click on the disk symbol in the toolbar and a png file will appear in the chat for you or any of your conference participants to download and use as required. You will also be able to find any saved whiteboard screenshots within your account via the ‘Past’ calls section, in the ‘documents’ tab.

For more detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please visit our support site.

To find out more about the other great features included with our premium subscriptions and how you can sign up for a paid plan to have this feature active on your account, just visit our pricing page or the Upgrade section of your account.

D. Video Conferencing

What is the difference between chatting and video conferencing?

It’s tempting to communicate using chat apps such as Google Hangouts, but the best communication happens face-to-face. This is where video conferencing comes in. When you video conference you are able to read others’ expressions, read body language and this makes understanding one another easy. Read more →

What is a Video Conference?

A video conference shares your video and sound during a meeting. FreeConference allows you to conduct a video conference for free, and does not require additional equipment. … Read more →

E. Screen Sharing

How to screen share

Screen sharing is easy with FreeConference. To get started, simply sign up and initiate a video conference by clicking ‘Start’ on your dashboard. … Read more →

What is screen sharing?

Screen sharing allows you to share your screen or view other people’s screens. This enables you to view the same computer desktop screen at the same time. … Read more →

F. Document Sharing

How is document sharing different from screen sharing?

Document sharing is the action of sharing a physical document that can be downloaded by participants. Screen sharing is simply sharing your screen so that others can see what you’re seeing on your computer screen.

Can I document share with FreeConference?

You can share documents via your Online Meeting Room. The online meeting room and document share feature is built into every free account with The free version of this service allows you to share documents with up to 5 web participants at one time. Subscribe to one of our affordable plans to get even more viewers. … Read more →

G. Limits

Are there any limits on using FreeConference?

FREE Phone Conferencing – UP TO 400 people per call

All accounts can accommodate up to 400 people per call when dialing in by phone.

Need more? Conference with up to 2000 callers at a time through our high-capacity conference lines. Reach out today for more details!

FREE Online Meetings with Video & Screen Share – UP TO 5 people per meeting

Free accounts holders can host online meetings with up to 5 people at a time. This includes video conferencing, screen sharing and document sharing, right from your web browser!

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How do I host a large conference or event on FreeConference?

While we are able to host event-sized conference calls they take a little bit of extra prep on our end to ensure your call can go off without a hitch.

If you would like to host an event-sized conference please contact us to discuss your plans with our team so we can make sure your call is a success.

Is there a limit to how many conferences I can schedule on FreeConference?

There is no specific limit on how many conferences you can schedule or when they can occur, however you cannot have two or more conferences taking place simultaneously on the same account. Each account has a single dedicated dial-in number, access code and online conference room – meaning multiple meetings held at the same time, on the same account, would all enter the same conference.

H. Pricing

I. General

Are FreeConference premium features available?

FreeConference offers a number of paid paids that have premium features like call recording, 1800 numbers and much more.

Below are the current pricing plans:
Remember, you have the freedom to cancel anytime, there are no commitments and no long-term contracts.… Read more →

Are FreeConference calls private and secure?

There are several different privacy features which ensure all’s calls are private and secure for it customers. Each account has a unique Access Code and conference URL for entry – during the conference call, a short tone identifies users’ entry and exit. You can also use your personal meeting room to keep an eye on who’s in your call. If someone shows up uninvited, you can kick that individual off the call using our built-in moderator controls.

The details of who joined your call, when, and for how long are always included in your call summary emails, so you’ll never have to wonder whether or not anyone was listening uninvited.

Does FreeConference offer call recording or transcription? offers audio recording, video recording and auto transcripts as premium features.

Audio Recording

Record your conference as an MP3 with a single click. The recording feature is easy to use. Once you start your conference simply press the recording button at the top of the toolbar, here you can select to record audio only or record the online meeting. You will know it is recording because the button will pulse. For a recording by telephone press *9.… Read more →

What is the difference between FreeConference “Web-scheduled” and “Reservationless” conferences?

Web-scheduled conferences are scheduled in advance through our website, mobile app or desktop app. When scheduling, you select a date, time and call length, add an agenda and participants. Use the recurring call feature if you have regularly scheduled meetings and set them up in one shot. When the set up is done, we’ll automatically send the call invitations to you and your participants with all the details they need.

Reservationless conferences can be made at any time by sharing your meeting room URL and /or dial-in number and access code with your contacts. With one click you can copy everything they need to know in an email or instant message – and your meeting ready to go.

With your dedicated dial-in number and meeting room URL can be used for both reservationless and scheduled calls.

What’s with the Puffin?

Our founder, Frederick Charles Puffin, believed that conference calling and online meetings should be affordable, accessible, and, well, fun. He just really, really wanted to help our customers out and show them how serious we are about taking care of our customers…

So we made him our mascot.

Admittedly, Fred is ridiculously cute – and we love how friendly and welcoming he looks all over our website.

J. Virtual Meetings

Conducting Virtual Meetings

A virtual meeting (or remote meeting) is a meeting where the participants gather in an online meeting room or virtual space. With Free Conference, meetings can take place either by phone, or online, using a computer. This enables people to attend in the manner that is most convenient to them.

What are the Pros and Cons of Virtual Meetings?

The difference between virtual meetings and face to face communication is a matter of convenience. With team members and clients from all over the globe, virtual meetings make communication easy and immediate.

Virtual meetings save time as well as travel cost, and they are inexpensive to set up. They also provide a great way to share files, make presentations, and offer the ability record meetings for future reference.

Free Conference’s video conferencing tool makes it easy to connect face to face using a computer so that you are able to maintain a personal connection, read body language, and establish a personal rapport.

K. Security

What are video meeting security risks?

Sometimes, confidential and sensitive information is discussed in your video meeting room. Fortunately, Free Conference offers additional security features within premium plans that can help.
For any video meeting, be sure to fully understand potential security risks:… Read more →

L. Legacy Users

Is it possible to continue using the “old”

If you have an “old” account and would like to continue using it you have two options.

The first, is to simply sign in using the same username and password – unless you’ve converted your account to the new you will be logged in to the old product.

The second is for those users who have converted to the new, or had a private beta account – simply go to the “Settings” page, head to “Leave the new” and select “Opt-out”. Doing this will return you to the old product.