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Frequently Asked Questions

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Privacy & Security
What are the best free video conferencing options?

Choosing the right video conferencing option to suit your needs can be challenging, but if the following are important to you, then the decision is easy. Subscribe today for your FreeConference account!


  • Quick and easy connection.
  • No downloads.
  • Free mobile apps.
  • Integrated calendar and email scheduling.
  • Always free.
  • Screen share and file sharing.
  • Moderator Controls.
  • Secure and stable platform.
  • High-quality audio and video.
  • No time limitations.
  • Integrated Telephone conferencing.
What are free video conferencing services?

Video conferencing allows you to communicate in real time, via the internet, when it isn’t possible to meet in person. FreeConference offers free video conferencing services that connect up to 5 participants in a secure virtual meeting room. allows you to collaborate over our video conferencing platform, as well as share documents and also join with phone participants in your own online meeting room.

Hosts have the ability to moderate meetings, muting other callers and sending invitations among other features. Participants can raise their hands for a Q&A session, make comments and ask questions in the chat box and also share and present documents.

Can I video conference from an app?

It is possible to share your video with others in an online meeting using our Android App. We also have desktop apps available for Windows, Mac and Linux users that can be downloaded here.

What’s the difference between video conferencing platforms?

Some video conferencing platforms restrict the length of time your conferences can last while on a free subscription. With, your video conference calls can last up to 12 hours and you can have up to 5 participants in total. With a paid subscription, you can have up to 100 people join and participate in your video conference calls.

Other video conferencing platforms have a limited free trial period, where has a free forever subscription that you can use as long as you need it.

As video conferencing is a challenging medium to work with, support is an essential component with any such platform. Our support team will be available to help you get started, resolve issues and provide plenty of documentation – user guides, video tutorials, and articles – to ensure that even the most technically challenged users are equipped to successfully host their video conference calls.

Tips on choosing the best laptop for video conferencing
When portability and convenience matter, selecting a laptop for your video conferencing seems like a no brainer but with so many on the market, it’s hard to select which model to go with. FreeConference’s video conferencing environment supports all laptops that are equipped with Google Chrome V58 and up along with any of the following operating systems.
  • Windows 7 or 10
  • Mac OS X, 10.8 and up
  • Fedora 21 and up
  • Debian 8 and up
Most laptops come with built-in speakers and a microphone, however, a webcam is not essential—you may conduct a web conference call via your online meeting room without the use of your camera, just opt to use audio only so your participants can hear you! Learn more about video conferencing here in our support center.
Tips on selecting the best headset for video conferencing

Using a headset for video conferencing is the best way to ensure you are hearing and sending the best quality audio. Using a headset prevents echo and external disturbance on the call. A good microphone on your headset will also ensure that your participants hear the best quality audio from your side. Be sure to take the following points into consideration:

  • 3.5 mm cable headset is recommended for Mac users
  • Either a USB or 3.5 mm cable can be used for Windows
  • Wireless headsets should be of a high quality as some Bluetooth devices can cut out intermittently without you realizing
  • Do you want to use your headphones for listening to music or taking regular phone calls as well?
  • Do you need to be able to walk away from your desk during a conference? Then a wireless device is important.
  • Will the headset be used daily or on an irregular basis?
  • Will your meetings be long? In which case they should be comfortable.
  • Are you doing conference calls while traveling? In which case they should be portable.
What are the best video conferencing solutions for small business?

A free video conferencing solution, with the option to upgrade at a later date, is the best option for a small business. will enable small teams, freelancers and remote workers to meet up on the fly or scheduled in advance.

There are no downloads and no meeting length restrictions. Only the host needs an account and everyone else can just join with the click or tap of a button.

If you need more features, it is easy to upgrade and you can cancel the plan at any time. If your needs change or you go on vacation, you won’t be tied into a long term contract. Get started with a free account today!

What are the types of video conferencing?
There are essentially three kinds of video conferencing:
  1. No downloads required, only the host needs an account
  2. All participants need to download software, only the host needs an account
  3. All participants need to download software AND all participants need an account
Most video conferencing services are type 2 or 3, requiring participants and hosts to download software to their computer or mobile device and even create an account before they can even participate in a video conference call. With, participants and hosts alike are not required to download any application. They can access video conference calls direct via their Google Chrome browser. Only the host will need a account – participants are not required to register or sign up for an account to join a video conference call. We do also have the option for participants to use one of our desktop or mobile apps if they prefer.
How does video conferencing work?

Video Conferencing provides real-time two-way audio/video communication between two or more locations. Video Conferencing requires specialized equipment on both ends for a successful connection. video conferencing works using WebRTC technology within your Chrome browser or using one of our standalone apps. As long as each participant has a webcam and internet connection anyone can host a video conference from almost anywhere in the world.

Read more about Video Conferencing on our support site

Is FreeConference really free?

Yes, FreeConference really is free!

While we do offer paid plans with premium features, there is absolutely no requirement to purchase anything at all to host unlimited conference calls or online meetings. There is no catch. This is not a limited-time offer – no gimmicks, no gotchas, and no tricks. These standard free conference services are full-featured, with only minimal service limitations.

What is included for FREE:

Unlimited conference calls
  • Conference by phone with up to 1000 people at a time
  • Your own conference line to hold a conference call anytime
  • 17 local and international dial-in numbers
Unlimited online meetings
  • Host online meetings with up to 5 people at a time
  • Your own online meeting room to use at any time – no downloads required
  • Video conferencing, screen sharing, document sharing and presenting
Full account access to manage your meetings with ease
  • Schedule in advance with automated invitations & Reminders
  • PIN-less Entry & SMS (Text message) alerts
  • Call Summaries & Call History
  • Moderator Controls
  • Mobile Apps (Android & iPhone) & Desktop App
  • Live Support

What is not included:

Optional PREMIUM FEATURES to enhance your conferencing experience, such as
  • Call Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Automatic Transcription with Cue
  • Toll-Free 800 Numbers
  • Premium International Numbers
  • More online meeting participants (up to 100)
  • Additional Security (Meeting Lock & One-Time Access Code)
Some callers might be required to pay long-distance fees to their phone service providers if none of the FREE dial-ins are covered by their personal phone plan. We can not and DO NOT put charges on your phone bill.
How to determine the best free conference call service for my needs

Ask yourself the following 9 questions to help you choose the ideal free conference call service.

  1. Capacity – How large are your calls and how often will they take place?
  2. Technology – What is the skill set of those involved in your conference calls?
  3. Telephone or Web Conferencing or both – How will your participants join the call?
  4. Participant fees – Will you require a toll-free number?
  5. Moderator Controls – Do you need to be able to manage the call as host?
  6. Scheduling – Do you need a system to book calls and manage attendance?
  7. Audio Quality – Does the free conference call service provide excellent quality?
  8. Budget – Is your service transparent or are there additional hidden costs?

Looking for an affordable, conference calling solution? Try, the original free conference calling service. It is by far the best free conference calling service. Easy, reliable, free conference calling – no downloads required. Create your free conference account now >

How do I get a free conference call number?
  1. Sign up with only your email and password.
  2. You will receive a free conference call number that can be used immediately.
  3. Just provide all conference participants with your new dial-in number and access code.
  4. Let them know when to call in.
  5. Get talking!
How do I make a free conference call?

Perfect for meeting with smaller groups for unplanned meetings, there is more than one way that you can initiate an on-demand call right now.

  • Simply give your Dial-In Number and Access Code to all your participants. Once everyone has dialed in using the same access code at the same time you will all be connected together on the conference line.
  • Your call-in information can be found at the top of the Home page of your account. Simply click on the ‘Copy call information’ button to add this information to your clipboard and paste into an email or text message to send to participants.
  • Or initiate a call using your online meeting room. Login to your account and click “Start“. Note that you can have your callers join via phone or internet and everyone will be connected together in the same conference call.
  • The first caller in a web and/or telephone conference will hear hold music. Once at least one other participant arrives this music will stop and you will hear each other.
  • While in the Online Meeting room you will see that you can invite participants via the button at the top of your Participant List on the right-hand side of the screen.

Read in more detail about how to set up a free conference call on our support site.

How do I set up a free conference call?

There’s more than one way to invite others to join you on a conference call. You can easily use your FreeConference Scheduling system to invite participants, simply sign into your account online and click ‘Schedule’. Our system gives you the option to enter your invitees’ email addresses manually, upload your email contacts via Excel or even migrate them from your Google account.

  • If you have already scheduled a conference through your account, you can easily send out additional invites by editing a call via the ‘upcoming’ section of your account.
  • Invite others without signing in online by simply sending your dial-in number and access code via text, email, snail mail or however you set fit.
  • Windows users can invite attendees with our convenient Outlook Add-in which allows you to send invitations from the comfort of your own email. You may download the App here:
  • Keep in mind, you and your participants can join a conference call without the use of a phone by providing your personal online meeting room link. Learn more video conferencing and the use of your online meeting room here: How To Use Your Online Meeting Room
How do I get a free conference call number and access code?

Getting a free dial-in number and access code is easy.

  1. Sign up with only your email address, name, and password
  2. We send your free conference call number and code straight after
  3. You can use the account immediately!

Where can I get free conference call numbers?

After creating an account with, you will get a conference call number, along with access to a large number of free local international numbers. You can find the full list of free numbers within your account via ‘Dial-In Information’ and then select ‘Dial-In Numbers’ tab.

View a full list of our available free conference call numbers here: Dial-Ins and Rates

Do free conference calls include toll-free dial-in numbers?

Our basic free subscription includes unlimited use of a large number of US and international dial-in numbers. Toll-free dial-in numbers are available with any of our Paid Plans. With the Starter Plan, the cost for toll-free dial-ins is 10 cents a minute for each caller that uses the toll-free number (the rate drops with the Plus and Pro plans). The Starter Plan also includes 100 toll-free & premium international minutes each month.

Note: it is not required that all participants use the same dial-in number, whether it is toll-free or not. All participants can choose their preferred dial-in number and will connect to the same meeting by entering the unique access code for that room.

Take a look at our Pricing Page for a list of our paid plans, any of which provide you with the toll-free option.

What are Toll-Free Dial-ins?

Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers which can be dialed with no charge to the person placing the call. These numbers allow callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged long-distance fees for the call. We currently have Toll-Free 800 dial-in numbers available in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

You can read more about our toll-free service and find out how to sign up for a premium subscription on our support site or Pricing Page.

What’s included with the best free online meeting software?

Our free online meeting apps include:

  • High-quality audio conference calls with up to 1000 callers – FREE
  • Call scheduling
  • Reservationless conference calling
  • Address book
  • Recurring conference call meetings
  • Access to international dial-in numbers
  • Conference call controls
  • Text chat and document sharing
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing is available on computers and Android devices (video calls and screen sharing, coming soon for iPhone app) has a huge list of amazing free features. Our software can be used:

  1. In your google chrome browser (no downloads!)
  2. Using our mobile app on your iPhone or Android device
  3. Using our Desktop app for Windows, Mac or Linux

More Mobile App Features:

  • View call history
  • Listen to recordings of past online meetings
  • Your FreeConference account seamlessly integrates with the FreeConference mobile app, syncing your contacts, scheduled calls and call history
  • Additional paid features are available including toll-free calling and call recording
  • Download the FreeConference mobile app to your iPhone, iPad or Android device and sign in to your existing account. If you don’t have a FreeConference account, sign up – for FREE.
How do I start an online meeting?

After creating your free account, you can set up an online meeting with up to 5 people (with our paid plans you can have up to 100 online participants). There are a few different ways that you can initiate or join a conference via internet.

1. START an On-Demand / Reservationless call
On the dashboard of your account, click “Start” to initiate an on-demand conference call to begin right away. The first time you call in, you will be prompted to “allow” your system to access your webcam and microphone.

If you have scheduled your call, you can log in to your account up to 15 minutes before the planned start time and click on ‘Start‘ or on the highlighted call listed in ‘Today’s calls‘ to access your online meeting.

An on-demand video conference call can also be initiated by pasting your unique conference URL into your web browser. It will look like this, with your designated Access Code at the end:

This link can be found at the top of your account homepage. Simply click on the ‘Copy details’ button to add this information to your clipboard. You can then paste this into an email or text message to send to participants.

How do I record an online meeting?
The recording button is located within the Menu at the top of your Online Meeting Room. To start or pause a recording – simply click on the circle labeled ‘RECORD‘.
The recording feature is available with any of our paid Plans, which can be purchased via the ‘Upgrade‘ section of your account.
  • Audio recording is available with ALL paid plans.
  • With the Plus and Pro plan, you can also record the whole online meeting, including screen sharing, video, and audio.
You can also set all calls to record automatically by default, via the ‘Settings’ section of your account.
How do I schedule an online meeting?
  1. Sign into your account
  2. Click the ‘Schedule’ button
  3. Select a date and time and optional subject and agenda
  4. Add email addresses of the people you want to send invites to (optional)
  5. Select relevant dial-in numbers in case some prefer to connect their audio via phone
  6. Everyone will receive and email invitation with your unique meeting link and instructions on how to join
So you know, It isn’t necessary to schedule a conference in order to start an online meeting. You can set up an on-demand call at any time using the same details. In fact, you don’t even need to log in to your account to get started. From within the online meeting room, you also have the option to invite participants while the call is in progress.
How can I create a webinar for free?
With you can set up a free webinar using our online meeting app. This will enable you to share your video and screen with up to a total of 5 participants. The Chat feature will allow participants to ask questions or make comments during the webinar. If you need to allow access to more people, then our premium subscriptions will enable you to share with a potentially infinite number of viewers. To get started, just connect with your webinar participants using your online meeting room via Google Chrome or using one of our apps. You will find your unique meeting link within your account at the top right of your dashboard.
How can I make a free online call?
Connect with people anywhere in the world for free online using With a free subscription, you can host meetings within Google Chrome on a computer or using any of our mobile and desktop apps and have up to a total of 5 people participate, with video and screen sharing capabilities.
  • Share your unique meeting room link to set up a free online call at any time
  • Or schedule within your account to set it up in advance
  • Additional participants can also join via phone and connect with other online callers
Sign up today for your free account!
People can’t hear or see me in the online meeting

If other participants are unable to hear you or they can not see your video, it may only be that you need to adjust a simple setting within your browser.

1. Unmute yourself
If people can’t hear you, check first to verify if you muted your headset or mobile device. Have you been muted through the system? Click the microphone icon in the top menu of the online meeting room to unmute yourself.

2. Check the Online Meeting Room Settings
Click on the settings cog in the menu on the right-hand side of the screen. This will open up a window where you can check your microphone, speakers and webcam settings.

3. Call Diagnostic Test
If changing the settings doesn’t resolve the problem, then it is a good idea to run the ‘Connection Test’. The link to this test can be found via ‘Settings’ within the Online Meeting Room and also via the Menu in your account dashboard.

4. Check Browser Permissions
Click on the small lock symbol at the top left of your Chrome browser’s address bar field while in the online meeting room – as shown in the image below. If your webcam and microphone are blocked, then you will see this under ‘Permissions’.
To unblock your webcam and microphone, click on the small arrow to the right of ‘Camera’ and ‘Microphone’ and select ‘Allowed’.

5. Verify Connections
It may seem obvious, but it can still happen to the most tech-savvy person. Be sure to check that all cables are properly connected. Sometimes unplugging and plugging them back in again can do the trick

6. Check your computer’s audio/video settings
It can also be that the audio/video settings on your computer need to be adjusted. We have noticed that sometimes on Windows computers for example, the microphone becomes muted – possibly by another application.

7. Check that your participants/viewers are properly connected
If your participants did not connect their audio when joining via internet, or have issues as listed in point 4 or 5, then the source of the problem may not be on your side. I would recommend sending this troubleshooting link to help resolve the issue.

Screen Sharing

Top 5 uses for free screen sharing software
  • Education: Students, Professors and Administrators alike can make use of our screen sharing app.
    • Distance learning
    • Study groups
    • Virtual Excursions
    • Management meetings
  • Charity and Non-Profit: Church meetings, small organizations and local community groups.
    • Support Group
    • Committee Meetings
    • Prayer Lines
    • Coaching
    • Meditation calls
  • Coaching: Hold coaching sessions with participants anywhere in the world.
    • Remote training sessions
    • Live support
    • One-on-one client meetings
Sign up for an account now to get started using the best screen sharing software.
Looking for the best free screen sharing software? screen sharing allows you to be better understood while presenting during a web conference. It can be used for training purposes or for collaborating on projects, as well. Screen sharing is free with and is done via the online meeting room, so there are no downloads.

  • No trial – our free service is always free
  • Up to 12 hours long
  • 5 online meeting participants

You will be able to display content like documents and spreadsheets, presentations, photos, websites and more. With no pesky downloads for anyone, you’ll be able to collaborate on anything live from your desktop easily and without frustration, all within Google Chrome or one of our standalone apps.

Pass the baton and let someone else share their screen – no upgrades required.
All online meeting participants have screen sharing access. No upgrades required. No downloads necessary.

What is screen sharing?

screen sharing with in Google Chrome or using our App, allows your participants to view your desktop or a specific application with others in real time. Viewers will not be able to manipulate the shared screen, but only view it as a video stream. Your viewers will be able to see everything you are doing within an application or document, such as highlighting or mouse clicks and any animations or videos.

Can I screen share via an app?

You can use either our Windows or Mac desktop screen sharing app. Download links for these can be found here:

Currently, it isn’t possible to share your screen using a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can also share your screen using Google Chrome on a computer without downloading anything.

What are useful screen sharing tools?

Screen Sharing with allows you to share all types of documents with people who are located in almost any part of the world. The following tools are available with’s screen sharing feature:

  • Share your entire desktop
  • Share one application only
  • Record your screen sharing session* (Pro & Deluxe plans only)
  • Upload a document for participants to download
  • Present a document, allowing participants to take control of the presentation
  • Virtual Whiteboard* allows hosts and participants to annotate and share ideas
How does screen sharing work?

Our screen sharing service works right inside your browser using WebRTC technology. There is nothing to download and no need for your participants to register anywhere in order to view your screen or shared documents (those sharing their screens will need to add the screen-sharing extension in Google Chrome)

**Please note that our screen sharing service is optimized for Chrome – you are only able to SHARE your screen using Google CHROME or our Desktop App for Windows or Mac. Your participants will also require Chrome. Currently, screen sharing is not available on smartphone or tablet devices.**

To share your screen during a video call, simply click on the ‘SHARE’ button at the top right of your Online Meeting Room during a video call. (If you need help starting a video call, please visit our support center).

How do I set up screen sharing?

With, there is little setup required. You would join your ‘Online Meeting Room’ as usual via your unique link and then hit ‘share’ when you are ready to begin. However, below are a couple of tips that we can recommend.

  1. Get new participants to run the connection test before the meeting.
  2. When Sharing your Screen, to present a Powerpoint presentation or website, it is best to share “Your Entire Screen” rather than “Application Window”.
  3. Presenting a file by uploading it and clicking “Present” from the Chat is a great way to share to a small group.

Sign up for an account now to get started using the best screen sharing app.

Does screen sharing work on an iPad?

At the moment it is not possible to share your screen or view a shared screen on an iPad or iPhone. However, this feature will be added in the near future. For now, you can share your screen using any Mac, Windows or Linux computer within Google Chrome or via one of our standalone Apps.

Conference Recording

How do I record a conference call?

With an additional premium subscription for as little as $9.99/month, you can have unlimited audio recordingsof all your conference calls.

  • Set all calls to be automatically recorded via the ‘Settings’ section
  • Schedule individual calls to be automatically recorded
  • Manually initiate recording using the ‘record’ button in your dashboard menu
  • Use *9 from your phone when hosting a meeting via telephone
Does free video conferencing include recording?

Audio and Video recording are premium features, which are currently only available with paid subscriptions. You can host a video conference call with up to 5 people, lasting up to 12 hours at a time.

Free conference call recording instructions

The recording feature is available with any of our paid Plans. These can be purchased via the ‘Upgrade‘ section of your account.

VIA PHONE: If you’re meeting using the phone be sure to call in as Moderator by using your Moderator PIN instead of the Access Code (this can be found on your account home page, or also in the ‘Settings’ section under ‘Moderator PIN’).
Push *9 to start or to pause a recording.

VIA WEB: If you’re holding a call via the internet, the recording button is located within the Menu at the top of your Online Meeting Room. To start or pause a recording – simply click on ‘RECORD’ in the menu at the top of the screen.

Visit our Support Center for more information about call recording.

Can I download my conference call recording?

An MP3 audio file download link and Telephone Playback information for audio recordings are included in your detailed call summary email. All call recordings can also be found in the ‘Recordings’ section of your account via the ‘Menu’. You can also access and listen to your recordings at any time when viewing “Past Conferences”.

Online meeting or video recordings, will similarly be available as an MP4 download in email summaries and also within your account under ‘Recordings’ or ‘Past Conferences’.

Upgrade today and start recording your calls!

What is conference call recording?

Taking notes during a conference is helpful, but when you really need to know exactly what was discussed and agreed to, nothing beats a recording. FreeConference can send you an MP3 recording and also a playback dial-in number for any meeting.

As well as enabling hosts to keep a catalog of past meetings for transcription or company records, conference call recording also allows you share with those who were unable to attend the live call or would like to go over the content again. This makes it a great feature for a multitude of applications, such as education, staff training, recruitment, journalism, legal practices and so on.

Document Sharing

3 Tips for free online document sharing and collaboration
  1. Be more efficient: Upload a file or document during your meeting to make follow up emails a thing of the past. No need to send a separate email message and you can keep the communication all in one place.
  2. Collaboration: Easily allow other team members to take control and share ideas using document sharing.
  3. Keep records: After the conference call has ended, all documents are also included in summary emails and via the past conference section of your account. This way you can keep a concise record of all your past meetings.Sign up for a free account today!
What is document sharing?

File Sharing or Document sharing allows you to instantly send and receive documents during a conference call.

Our document sharing app actually works within the Text Chat in your call window. Just click the three dots to open the menu and select the paperclip icon in the bottom right corner to upload a file from your computer. You can also simply drag and drop a file into the Online Meeting Room to share with all participants.

Read more about document sharing on our support site.

Is free online document sharing secure?

Document sharing with your account is private and secure. You can manage who is on your meeting and control access to document sharing. Shared files can be added or deleted during a live call or once it is completed.

Additionally, the Online Meeting Room, where you can share documents, works via WebRTC. WebRTC is a secure protocol. It uses both Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt data. Chat messages are also sent via HTTPS, a secure protocol.

Are free conference calls secure?
  • Your account and any personal details therein are secure and not shared with any other parties.
  • Your registered access code and moderator PIN are assigned to only your account – you are able to change that as often as you like via the Settings section of your account.
  • If you enter your cell phone or mobile number in the Settings section of your account, you will get a text message whenever anyone calls into your conference line and you are not already present on the call.
  • You can read more about that here: PIN-less entry and SMS Notifications
  • Additional security settings are available with all paid accounts. Read more about this on our support site.
What is a secure conference call?

You will be able to see every participant that has joined your call via the Online Meeting Room. Using the free service you will see the first 6 digits of those who have called in from their phone and the name of anyone who has called in via their computer.

In addition to this, in our secure conference call service, all the voice and video is fully encrypted, which makes this one of the most secure and private ways to hold a video call over the internet.

The Online Meeting Room works via WebRTC. WebRTC is a secure protocol. It uses both Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt data. Chat messages are sent via HTTPS, a secure protocol. The chat messages are received by other participants via WebSockets over SSL/TLS. This is also a secure protocol.

As the moderator, you can also disconnect any unwanted callers by hovering your mouse over their tile and clicking on ‘Remove’. If you sign up for one of our paid plans for additional security features, such as the meeting lock and one-time access code.

Are secure conference calls HIPAA compliant?

We do value all customers privacy and do not share any of your information with third parties and will only provide info to account holder unless otherwise advised. However, currently, we are not HIPAA compliant. You can check our Privacy policy and review its content of how we protect customers’ privacy in our Privacy Policy.

Additionally, there are several different privacy features provided with our service. Each account has a unique access code for entry, callers announce themselves when they enter the conference (alternately: chimes can be used in place of voice announcements). Also, our call Moderator Controls feature provides a visual level of security. Organizers can control and manage the call in real-time.

What is a secure online meeting?

The Online Meeting Room works using what is called a ‘secure protocol’. It uses both Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt data. Chat messages are sent via HTTPS, a secure protocol. The chat messages are received by other participants via WebSockets over SSL/TLS. This is also a secure protocol.

Additionally, hosts have full control of who is present in the meeting and disconnect/block participants if required. Using premium features, they have the ability to lock a conference and also schedule meetings with a one-time access code.

What is a private conference call? is a secure conference call service. To ensure the privacy of your conference calls, I would recommend monitoring your meetings using the Online Meeting Room. This will enable you to see who arrives and when. You can also disconnect and block callers.

With a premium paid service, you have access to additional privacy and security features. These include the option to lock a conference call in progress or schedule a meeting with a one-time access code.

Compare the paid plans and available features on our pricing page.

How to make free international conference calls

People calling internationally would join your conference just like any other participants. The only difference is that they use the international dial-in number assigned to their country. Callers in countries not listed can dial into any of the US-based dial-in numbers, using their usual country calling codes.

  1. You join the conference in exactly the same way as usual
  2. Participants call the relevant country dial-in number from our international list
  3. Everyone enters the same access code that is connected to the host’s account
  4. Start talking!

Visit our support site for more detailed instructions.

How to call internationally for free from the USA

Calling internationally for free is made easy with We have a large number of local numbers from different countries available that mean you don’t have to call a long distance number and your participants won’t need to pay international rates to reach you.

Just call into your number and enter the access code connected to your account when prompted. The person you want to talk to who is not in the USA would call into the number local to them and also enter your access code when prompted.

Are free international conference call services really free?

With our free (and also paid) subscriptions, offers a selection of local dial-in numbers from around the world that are “in country”. Meaning that callers would pay only their local fees to reach the conference line. To access these numbers, just log into your account, then in the center of the main Conference page, click ‘Dial-in information’ below the ‘Start’ and ‘Schedule’ links. Or go to ‘conference details’ in the Menu and click on the ‘Dial-in numbers’ tab. You’ll see numbers for Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and many others.

How to call the UK from the U.S. for free offers local dial-in numbers across the globe for free! In the UK, you’d be dialing into a UK-based number, rather than having to call the United States to join the conference. Just give your US number to all participants located in the US and the UK number to all those located in the UK. At the time or your call, everyone uses their respective dial-in number and when prompted, enters your dedicated access code and that’s it! Think of the savings in cost by eliminating the international phone call.

How to hold a free conference call with Germany

Hosting a conference call with friends or colleagues in Germany is easy with When you sign up, you will get your own ‘dial-in’ number and access code to use for all of your calls. Just give this access code to your caller in Germany. You can find their local ‘dial-in’ number, via the ‘dial-in information’ section within your account on our international dial-ins list.

When you are ready to start your conference call, you will call into your number and enter the access code connected to your account when prompted. Your caller in Germany will call the number local to them and also enter your access code when prompted. Whoever is first in the conference will hear hold music, then once the second caller joins, you will hear each other.

How to call Australia from the U.S. for free

The best way to avoid long distance charges to Australia for both you and the person you want to talk to is to set up a call. When you sign up, you will get a US number and access code.

Just call into your number and enter the access code connected to your account when prompted. The person/s in Australia would call into the number local to them and also enter your access code when prompted. You can find the local number for Australia within your account via the ‘Dial-In Information’ section.

Can I hold a free conference call with South Africa?

Yes, setting up a free conference call with South Africa is unbelievably easy. When you sign up, you will get your own ‘dial-in’ number and access code to use for all of your calls. Just give this access code to your caller in South Africa. You can find their local ‘dial-in’ number, via the ‘dial-in information’ section within your account or via our international dial-ins list.

When you are ready to start your conference call, you will call into your number and enter the access code connected to your account when prompted. Your caller in South Africa will call the number local to them and also enter your access code when prompted. Whoever is first in the conference will hear hold music, then once the second caller joins, you will hear each other.

How do I set up a free conference call with India?

With your free account, you have a US dial-in number available. This number is accessible from almost anywhere in the world, however, callers in India would, of course, be charged international rates by their provider to reach that number.

Alternatively, participants in your conferences can also call for free through Google Chrome, as with a free account you will also get video conferencing. Where there is no local number available, callers can connect to your conference line over the internet through your unique URL.

Finally, you can subscribe to any of our paid plans which are available in the “Upgrades” tab. We have 4 different premium dial-in numbers based in India. These numbers are charged at the rate of 15¢ / min / caller. You can find a full list of all our available dial-in numbers and their relevant rates via the international dial-ins list.

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