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1. Dial-Ins and Phone Conferencing

Do you provide permanent dial-in numbers and access codes?

Every account comes with a primary dial-in number and access code. Your access code is unique to your account and can be used at any time you wish to start a conference on demand or schedule a conference.

Do you provide local numbers to reach your service?

We do not provide customized local numbers for any one person’s area code, however we do offer a variety of dial-in numbers in cities across North America and around the world in our bundles or on their own as subscription-based Add-ons.

If long distance is a concern, callers can connect to your call using their web browser – eliminating any long distance fees.

  • Australia – Pinjarra – (08) 9520 3110
  • Austria – National – 0820 444599
  • Austria – Mobile – 0820 987601
  • Belgium – Brussels – 02 808 76 34
  • Canada – Northwest Territories – 867 292 3030
  • Finland – Helsinki – 09 74790416
  • Germany – National – 0211 95987102
  • Hungary – Budapest – (1) 848 0439
  • Ireland – Dublin – (01) 437 0588
  • Lithuania – Vilnius – (8-5) 207 8094
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam – 020 262 1918
  • Poland – Warsaw – 22 116 86 89
  • South Africa – National – 087 195 0685
  • Ukraine – Kiev – 089 320 2487
  • United Kingdom – National – 0330 777 1307
  • United States – National – (712) 832-8330
Premium International DIAL-INS:
  • Argentina – Buenos Aires
  • Brazil – Rio de Janeiro
  • Bulgaria – Sophia
  • Canada – Toronto
  • China – Beijing
  • Cyprus – Nicosia
  • Denmark – Copenhagen
  • France – National
  • Hong Kong – National
  • Iceland – Reykjavik
  • India – Mumbai
  • Israel – Jerusalem
  • Italy – Rome
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Luxembourg – Luxembourg City
  • Mexico – Mexico City
  • Netherlands – National
  • New Zealand – Wellington
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Portugal – Lisbon
  • Romania – Bucharest
  • Singapore – National
  • Slovakia – Bratislava
  • South Africa – Johannesburg
  • Spain – National
  • Sweden – National
  • Switzerland – Zurich
  • Taiwan- Taipei
  • Turkey – Istanbul

To set your preferred dial-in number or select which ones will appear on your call invitations simply log in to your account and head to the “Settings” page and then select the “Primary Dial-in Numbers” tab. Once there you can search for the dial-in numbers you would like to use and add them to your list. Once saved these numbers will appear on all of your email invitations and reminders.


Do you offer toll-free (1-800) dial-in numbers?

Yes, we offer toll-free 1-800 dial-in numbers in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia as a premium service. Toll-free dial-ins are available with any plan upgrade.

Below are the current pricing plans. You have the freedom to cancel anytime. There is no commitment and no long-term contracts.

Starter Plus Pro
FREE Toll-Free
Minutes per Month
100 500 750
Overage Fee 10¢/ minute
(after 100 minutes
have been used)
8¢ / minute
(after 500 minutes
have been used)
6¢ / minute
(after 750 minutes
have been used)
Monthly Subscription $9.99 $24.99 $34.99


Note: It is not required that all participants use the toll long-distance number, or all use the toll-free dial-in number – you can “mix and match” as much as you’d like.

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What are Toll-Free Dial-Ins?

A toll-free telephone number or freephone number is a telephone number that is billed for all arriving calls instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber. For the calling party, a call to a toll-free number from a landline is free of charge.

A toll-free, Freecall, Freephone, 800, 0800 or 1-800 number is identified by a dialing prefix similar to a geographic area code, such as 800. The specific service access numbers vary by country.

Do you offer toll-free dial-ins?

Can I call in to the service from out of the country when travelling?

Absolutely! offers dial-in numbers in countries around the world, including free numbers in: Canada, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, South Korea, and Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

We also offer Toll-Free numbers in: North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany, and additional dial-in numbers for the following locations are available for purchase with our monthly bundles: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Callers can also join by web using their internet browser from from anywhere in the world.

NOTE: Depending on the number used, you may incur some phone fees or long distance charges charged by your provider.

2. Web Conferencing

What is a web conference?

During a web conference participants connect to each other via the internet for a more visual conference call. Our web conference platform allows you to connect with other callers using your online meeting room, simply by sharing your personal URL. From your online meeting room you can use different web conference features like screen sharing and video chat.

Do you offer video conferencing?

Absolutely! Our video conferencing platform is incredibly easy to use and requires no additional downloads. Video conferencing can be accessed from your online meeting room and toggled off and on by clicking the video icon. Free subscriptions include video conferencing for up to 3 participants. Looking for more? Check out our upgrades.


Will it work with my browser?

Our audio & video web conferencing service is currently only available on Chrome and Firefox, but the rest of our website is entirely accessible in all major web browsers – including your personal online meeting room.

Click here to learn more about web conferencing.

3. Document Sharing

How do I share documents during my online meeting?

Start by logging in to your FreeConference account and entering your Online Meeting Room via the designated link. Once the session is open, click ‘Share’ in the toolbar at the top and select ‘Upload document’. This will open a search box from which you can choose the file to display. Click ‘Share’ after selecting the file for others to view at their end.

To view your document, participants will first have to join the session through your assigned Online Meeting Room. Once clicking on your Online Meeting Room link, they’ll be prompted to enter a screen name to join the session. If they’re already logged into their own FreeConference account, the system will drop them in without the prompt to enter a name.

How many participants can I share my document with?

Your free account supports up to 10 web participants and three live video feeds! That means you can have three Presenters sharing their screen or webcam; ten participants can view the Presenters’ screen or webcam. Subscribe to one of our affordable plans to get even more from your account.

Free Starter Plus Pro
Web Participants 10 15 20 25
Monthly Subscription $9.99 $24.99 $34.99


Is document sharing a free feature?

Document Sharing is a function of the Online Meeting Room, and is built into every free account with The free version of this service allows you to share documents with up to 10 web participants. Subscribe to one of our affordable plans to get even more viewers.

Free Starter Plus Pro
Web Participants 10 15 20 25
Monthly Subscription $9.99 $24.99 $34.99


4. Limits

How many people can I have in one call?

Phone Conferencing

All accounts can accommodate up to 400 people dialing in by phone to access the audio portion of your conference call. FREE!

Expecting LOTS of participants? Fantastic! Conference with up to 2000 callers at a time through our high-capacity conference lines. Reach out today for more details!

Web Conferencing with HD Audio, Video & Screen Share

Free accounts allow for video conferencing with up to 10 people at a time.

Want more? Upgrade today to one of our affordable plans with no commitments or long-term contracts! Compare plans >

Below are the current pricing plans:

Free Starter Plus Pro
Web Participants 10 15 20 25
Monthly Subscription $9.99 $24.99 $34.99


I need to host a very large-sized conference – what are my options?

While we are able to host event-sized conference calls they take a little bit of extra prep on our end to ensure your call can go off without a hitch.

If you would like to host an event-sized conference please contact us to discuss your plans with our team so we can make sure your call is a success.

How many conferences can I set up? Can they happen at the same time?

There is no specific limit on how many conferences you can schedule or when they can occur, however you cannot have two or more conferences taking place simultaneously on the same account. Each account has a single dedicated dial-in number, access code and online conference room – meaning multiple meetings held at the same time, on the same account, would all enter the same conference.

5. Pricing

Is Free Conference Really Free?

Our Free service is exactly that, free!

Although some callers may be local to our Dial-in Numbers, most callers should expect to dial a long distance number to access our conference bridges and, therefore pay only the normal domestic long distance rates charged by each caller’s long distance carrier for the length of time they are on the call.

Our web-based conference call scheduling and management tools, as well as our conference bridges, are offered entirely free of charge! There is absolutely no catch. This is not a limited-time offer – no gimmicks, no gotchas and no tricks. These standard services are full-featured, with only minimal service limitations.

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How will I be billed for plans and add-ons?

For paid plans, you will be billed on a monthly recurring basis from the day that you signed up for the paid plan. For example, if you signed up for a paid plan on January 15th your next payment will appear on your credit card on February 15th.

Remember, you have the freedom to cancel anytime, there are no commitments and no long-term contracts.

Below are the current pricing plans:

Free Starter Plus Pro
Web Participants 10 15 20 25
Monthly Subscription $9.99 $24.99 $34.99


6. General

How does the Time Zone feature work?

During the scheduling process, you’ll see the Time Zone Scheduling feature, which allows users to view other time zones while scheduling the call. With this feature, you can easily find the perfect time to meet with callers around the world!

To use our time zone scheduler, just log into your FreeConference account and start scheduling a call. Then click the ‘Timezones’ button to see the time zone selections.

Once you click on ‘Timezones’, your selected time zones will show times in those locations. You’ll see the option to add more time zones for easier scheduling, or you can delete any you no longer require.

Are calls private and secure?

Yes; there are several different privacy features. Each account has a unique Access Code and conference URL for entry – during the conference call, a short tone identifies users’ entry and exit. You can also use your personal meeting room to keep an eye on who’s in your call. If someone shows up uninvited, you can kick that individual off the call using our built-in moderator controls.

The details of who joined your call, when, and for how long are always included in your call summary emails, so you’ll never have to wonder whether or not anyone was listening uninvited.

Can I have my calls recorded or transcribed?

Yes, we offer audio recording. This feature is included with all of our monthly plans. Our monthly plans start as low as $9.99/month with the Starter Plan.

Recording is easy to use. Once you start your conference call simply press the recording button at the top of the toolbar. You will know it is recording because the button will pulse. For recording via telephone press *9. Conference call recordings stay archived in your account for 30 days, regardless of how many conferences have been recorded. The MP3 can be downloaded to your own computer for editing or storage, where it’s yours to keep forever. For more information, you can see our Conference Call Recording Page.

Can I have my calls transcribed?
We’ve partnered with Focus Forward to provide you secure call transcription to meet any record keeping need or budget. Simply upload the desired call recording on our call transcription page, select the services you need and we’ll send your transcription via email in no time.

Want more?

Call recording is included in all of our paid plans! Compare plans >
All paid plans require no commitment or long-term contracts, you have the freedom to cancel anytime.

Below are the current pricing plans:

Free Starter Plus Pro
Web Participants 10 15 20 25
Monthly Subscription $9.99 $24.99 $34.99


What moderator controls are available during a call?

Moderator Controls can be accessed from your touch tone phone or from your web browser in your online conference room. There are three types of muting modes with the ability to mute and unmute individual callers.

  • Conversation Mode: Default mode where all participants may speak, mute or unmute themselves.
  • Presentation Mode: All participants are muted and can only be unmuted by the moderator.
  • Q&A Mode: All participants are muted and have the ability to unmute themselves individually.

Moderator Tools also provide you with the ability to make another participant a moderator: Just click on the “M” icon that appears when you hover over their tile in your personal meeting room.

What’s the difference between “Web-scheduled” and “Reservationless” conferences?

Web-scheduled conferences are scheduled in advance through our website or mobile app. When scheduling, you select a date, time and call length, add an agenda and participants. Use the recurring call feature if you have regularly scheduled meetings and set them up in one shot. When the set up is done, we’ll automatically send the call invitations to your participants with all the details they need.

Reservationless conferences can be made at any time by sharing your web URL and /or dial in number and access code with your contacts. With one click you can copy everything they need to know into an email or instant message – and your meeting ready to go.

With your dedicated dial-in number can be used for both reservationless and scheduled calls.

What’s with the Puffin?

Our founder, Frederick Charles Puffin, believed that conference calling should be affordable, accessible, and, well, fun. He just really, really wanted to help our customers out and show them how serious we are about taking care of our customers…

So we made him our mascot.

Admittedly, Fred is ridiculously cute – and we love how friendly and welcoming he looks all over our website.

7. Legacy Users

Is it possible to continue using the “old”

If you have an “old” account and would like to continue using it you have two options.

The first, is to simply sign in using the same username and password – unless you’ve converted your account to the new you will be logged in to the old product.

The second is for those users who have converted to the new, or had a private beta account – simply go to the “Settings” page, head to “Leave the new” and select “Opt-out”. Doing this will return you to the old product.

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