Use Free Screen Sharing Features

with No Barriers, No Downloads.

Display quality presentations every time. Got the perfect PowerPoint to show your company’s growth and future plans? With no pesky downloads, you’ll be able to screen share anything on your desktop easily and without frustration. Participants can join meetings via remote desktop hassle-free.

Free screen sharing. Right inside your browser, no downloads.

How to Share Your Screen

To enable screensharing, select the “Share” icon in the tool bar located along the top menu of your Online Meeting Room. Next select “Share Screen”, and a window will pop up with the option to choose whether you want to screenshare your entire desktop or just one window or document – the system allows you to select what and how much to show your participants, each and every time.


Screen Sharing

With our desktop sharing application, you can display presentations, videos, photos or websites to your participants. Anything you choose to share will instantly appear within your Meeting Room window, right inside your browser. No software installation or downloads – just direct, high-quality sharing of documents for everyone in the meeting. Screensharing is popular for all sorts of presentations, from training and online courses to project collaboration.

For more step by step instructions on how to share your screen watch this Video Tutorial on How-to Use your Online Meeting Room:


  • Free high-quality screensharing of documents and teleconferencing
  • Display content like desktop applications, presentations, photos, websites
  • Real-time communication and collaboration: Work together on documents remotely
  • Highly secured online meeting
  • Compatible with Windows or Mac
  • No Downloads Necessary!

This amazing feature is available to all call organizers! Your participants can request Presenter status during an online meeting, and you can grant them access on the spot. Anyone is just a click away from sharing.

Free Screensharing – one more important component for a complete conferencing service.

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