Auto Transcripts, brought to you by Cue™.

Now you can search your conference recording and instantly pinpoint the precise time when something was said. Better yet, you can search your meeting history to find the meeting (or meetings) when a specific subject was mentioned!


Here’s how it works: When a conference call is recorded, a line-by-line transcript is automatically generated, creating a searchable record of your discussion. The transcript is securely stored in your smart meeting summary, along with the recording itself and other meeting content.


Navigate your recordings with the help of the transcript.

Easily locate different parts in your audio recording by searching keywords in your smart meeting summary and clicking the dialogue you would like to listen to. Or, play the recording of your conference and read the transcription as it scrolls along with the audio or video.

Search your meetings like you would your emails.

Search your meetings, like you would your emails, and instantly find any conferences when a specific topic was discussed. Click through the results to the exact location in your audio recording, for a priceless reminder of exactly what was said.

Auto transcripts are included with any paid plan, starting at just $9.99 per month.

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Detailed Verbatim Transcription Services

Looking for professional transcriptions? We’ve partnered with focus forward to provide you with secure, accurate, call transcription that meets any record keeping need or budget. A professionally transcribed version of your conference recording can be completed as soon as the day after your call takes place.

Standard verbatim transcripts, verbatim transcripts with speaker id, and notes formats with time stamps are all available starting at just $1.25/minute.

Simply upload your call recording on our call transcription page and select the services you need.


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