Detailed Call SummariesIn a perfect world, every conference call would have full attendance. Everyone would be on the call at the start, stay until the end, and no one would pop in and out of the meeting. But even though it’s not a perfect world, you needn’t worry about keeping track of your participants.’s automatic Detailed Call Summaries do that for you.

After each meeting, you’ll get a full summary that includes who joined the conference and their partial Caller ID (or full Caller ID if they dialed into a toll-free conference number), and what time they arrived and left. If the in-meeting chat feature was utilized, you’ll get a full transcript of all text-chats during that call. And if you chose to record the meeting, that’s where you’ll find the recording as well. No need to worry about losing the summary either; will save your summaries with your account.

Detailed Call Summaries – a free feature included with

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