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Invitations and Reminders

Automated email invitations and reminders will help you coordinate your calls and make sure all your participants know when and how to easily join your call.
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Take the Hassle Out of Booking Your Video Conferences With Invitations and Reminders!

It’s easy to add participants’ names and email addresses when scheduling your meeting on

FREECONFERENCE.COM PRO TIP: Upload your Address Book to make inviting participants even easier.

Once you’ve scheduled the call everyone instantly gets the information they need. Your invitation includes the day, date, time, dial-in, access code and Online Meeting Room URL, as well as the meeting name and an option to reply “Yes, No or Maybe,” so your guests can quickly and easily confirm their attendance.

Just before your meeting’s scheduled start time, the system will automatically email everyone a reminder, so you’re not wasting time waiting for late arrivals or non-attendees.

Automatic Invitations and Reminders – a time saving, free feature included with

Reach Out Instantly With SMS Invites and Reminders

Choose the fastest way to set up a meeting and reach callers. Share important meeting details sent straight to participants’ devices and saved in their calendars.

Link SMS Invites to your Address Book and see how easy it becomes to access busy people when you can reach them directly.

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