takes the hassle out of booking your meetings with automatic invitations and reminders. When you schedule your meeting on, it’s easy to add participants’ names and email addresses (and even easier after uploading your address book). Once you’ve scheduled the call, and without doing anything else, everyone instantly gets the information they need. Your invitation includes the day, date, time, dial-in and/or log-on instructions, as well as the meeting name and an option to reply Yes, No or Maybe. You can quickly and easily confirm their attendance.

Automated Invitations and RemindersJust before your meeting’s scheduled start time, the system will automatically email everyone a reminder, so you’re not wasting time waiting for late arrivals or non-attendees. The automatic Invitation, RSVP and Meeting Reminder feature is fast, easy and free.

Automatic invitations and reminders – a time saving, free feature included with

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