With FreeConference.com, text chat anyone during your web meeting for additional information without interrupting the flow.

Better team collaboration happens when you can directly instant message the group in real-time. Use the free text chat feature that comes with your online conference room if you need clarity or have a question.

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Start a text chat in the meeting room without cutting into the video conferencing or toll-free conference calling session.

Use instant messaging if you need more details or have to flag something. Address the group or a team member with an instant message asking about a phone number, a location or the correct spelling of a name.

Everyone in the video conference can use chat messages. Even if participants are muted, they can still contribute when important issues or questions arise. After every call, all text chat is saved as part of the history for review at your convenience.

Discussions are immediately added to the detailed call notes, saved and sent to the organizer. It’s easy to share text chat access to team members.

Enhance your video conference even further with plenty of other features from FreeConference. With Google calendar integrations, screen sharing and toll-free numbers, you can set up a conference call anytime, from anywhere – zero downloads and no contract required.

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