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Time Zone Scheduler

Easily schedule meetings across time zones without the hassle!
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a pair of hands hold a clock and have three different time from three cities aside

The Time Zone Scheduling Feature Allows Users to View Other Time Zones While Scheduling a Conference Call Through the Freeconference Website

With this feature, users can easily find the perfect time to meet with callers around the world!

To use our time zone scheduler, just log into your FreeConference account and start scheduling a call. Then click the ‘Timezones’ button to see the time zone selections.

Your own time zone will be shown here by default. You can add other time zones from this page, as well as change the time of your call from the top dropdown-bar, to select the best time for all participants. Just choose the perfect time, then hit the ‘Save’ button to continue scheduling your call.

Yes, it’s that easy. Never again schedule a meeting that someone in another time zone can’t make!

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