Moderator ControlsTake advantage of the Moderator Controls from to keep your meetings on topic and productive. Moderator controls and Conference Mode settings let the Host take charge of the session for maximum productivity, whatever the purpose of the call may be.

Hosting a presentation? Use Presentation Mode to mute everyone except the Moderator (Text chat is still available to everyone for questions or comments). Perfect for “listen only” meetings.

Will a question and answer session meet your goals? Q&A Mode mutes except the Moderator(s), but allows participants to unmute themselves to ask or answer questions


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How about if your meeting is an open discussion? Conversation Mode lets everyone speak and be heard. Individuals can still mute or unmute by pressing *6 on their touch-tone keypad.

As the Event Moderator, you’re in total control of background noises and interruptions. It’s up to you to determine who can speak up during your session.

Moderator Controls: a Free new feature for more productive conferences.

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