Carriers Are No Longer Blocking Your Calls!

As reported in the LA Times, the FCC has said that ALL call blocking actions will cease until the FCC can permanently resolve these service issues with AT&T/Cingular, Qwest, and Sprint. This is due to the loyal support you have shown FreeConference by protesting these carriers' actions directly. Over 4,000 of you responded to our last note and went directly to the FCC site to register a complaint! It is encouraging that the voice of the consumer has truly made an impact on this issue. You, our loyal users know that our services are legal, reliable and efficient and ultimately are there to give you another choice besides other high priced conferencing solutions.

We are fully operational and stand ready to serve your conference call needs 24/7 with the most reliable, crystal clear digital connections. Your FreeConference Team is dedicated to bringing you simple, convenient and reliable conferencing services at the lowest cost possible. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you well for years to come.

Your FreeConference Team

Customers Sound Off on Blocking Issue

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