Could conference calls help AA meetings?

Conference calls are no longer the expensive privilege of big corporations. They have become so cheap and cheerful that churches are using them to broadcast sermons, and many other grassroots community organizations are keeping in touch and promoting better communication with teleconference technology.

But each organization has its own unique structure and operations.

Could Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) benefit from adding teleconferencing to the mix?

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How Freelance Writers Cut Costs with Free Online Meetings

The Internet has completely changed the landscape for freelance writers, opening up new markets, and allowing us to live where we want, but still find the right employers, wherever they might be.

The Cloud has changed the economics of writing, too.

Freelance writers use free online meetings to cut overhead costs, so we can charge more for our writing time.

Low overhead wins

For self-employed writers, the Cloud-based free conference call technology, we set up our online meetings with is perfect because it literally carries no overhead.

There is no software to purchase. No monthly fees or charges, for an incredible array of services. No ads wasting our time. Signing up takes just a few minutes, and it syncs automatically with Google Calendar.

All that communication power just sits in the Cloud—and we can use it for free.

There are no apps required, although we can use the free Mobile Conference Call App to set up and make free group video calls on our cell phones from anywhere in the world. It seems like free web meetings were created for just for freelancers, but companies like them too.

They win two ways; both by saving money on regular staff by using freelance writers, and by keeping their corporate communication overhead to a minimum. For example, instead of paying for employees’ phone plans, they can offer far-flung freelancers an inexpensive Toll Free Number and keep their costs “pay as you go.”

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5 Tips for Writer’s Groups to use Free Video Calling

Writers are famous for being a solitary, grouchy bunch, who warm their tired fingers by feeding critical reviews of their work into rusty wood stoves, in mossy-roofed cabins perched on lonely mountain slopes.

But actually, we need feedback, and to see a fresh face now and again. Say, once a month or so. That’s what writer’s groups are for.

As we have traded the Underwood for the MacBook, we have also started to include the Internet as a location to hold meetings for our writer’s groups. Sometimes the core of a group meets in person while others attend virtually, but sometimes the whole meeting is online.

This freedom to meet “wherever, whenever,” is enabled by a new conference call technology called free group video calling, which is allowing writer’s groups to collaborate more efficiently over distance and share our work. Here are five tips for using it.

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4 Tools for Conference Call Productivity


Keeping your conference call a positive experience for all parties can be a little tricky, but offers tools to make everything run more smoothly. Check out these tips for a more productive conference call:

Use Moderator Controls

Keep your participants muted for as much of the call as possible. The call Organizer can mute the other parties by pressing *7, which is a three-position toggle in this order: Conversation Mode, Q-and-A Mode, Presentation Mode and Conversation Mode. A voice prompt will alert you to the current mode each time you change the configuration. Proactively muting the conference through the use of Organizer controls is generally more effective than asking callers to mute their own lines.

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Web Conferencing makes a Harvard education accessible

If you’ve always wanted to include a Harvard education on your résumé, but didn’t think you could travel that far, or afford the tuition cost, you should check out Harvard’s new web conferencing academic courses. A new technology called “web conference calls” has just made a pre kindergarten education accessible to anyone, from anywhere.

Harvard, and many other universities and colleges are embracing the concept of eLearning, built on conference call technology, expanded to include the web.

Web Conference Calls have always been a great solution for keeping costs down and eliminating distance as an obstacle.

Now you can use them to get the education you want.

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Environmental Benefits of Conference Calls

Although environmental stewardship and our modern industrial economy are often portrayed in the media as being in conflict, they share a common goal: the ecological strategy of efficiency.

Efficiency saves corporations on their expenses, which increases profit.

Efficiency reduces the amount of resources used per activity, which helps us “Walk lighter on the earth.”

The environmental benefits of conference calls are a prime example of how we can live interesting and engaged lives, but still hand over a better planet to our children.

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How Conference Calls Help with Time Management

Time. There’s never enough, is there? We all start out with a finite amount of time on the planet; it’s up to us to make the best of it. But how?

Conference calls are a fantastic way to be more productive with your time: How many hours have been wasted trying to get everyone together in one room on the same day? One person is traveling, another works remotely, and the boss just happens to be in a field office at the moment. Conference calls bring everyone together at the right time, all in the same virtual meeting room. No more trying to match up competing schedules — with conference calls, participants can dial in from literally any phone in the world.

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How Video Calls Can Help the 21st Century Manager

In the old days of business, a manager woke up every day and went to the office, worked 9 to 5 and came home. Once home, they would be completely shut off from the world. Nowadays it’s not so easy… or not so hard, depending on how you look at it!

A manager nearly always has a cell phone and laptop, and rarely works the typical 9-5; they’re lots more flexible. With current technology, it’s convenient to take the appointment during the day and work the extra hours in the evening.

No matter how you arrange your schedule, there are bound to be times you will be away from your team. Whether it’s a snow day, you’re traveling on business, or you or a team member just needs to work from home. As a manager, you need to prepare yourself, because there are certain to be times when you will need to communicate with your team no matter the distance.

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Web Conferencing Make Group School Projects Easy

Don’t professors and teachers just seem to love dishing out group projects? They don’t just want students to learn, they want to see how they work together as a team.

They want to see how students negotiate through difficulties, like the team members who don’t do their part. (There is always one of those!) They want to see if five different people can all meet the same deadline.

Or maybe the university group project is just a special form of scholastic torture?

Luckily, there is a convenient Cloud technology called web conferencing that exists to make group school projects easy.

And painless!

It will help you get way higher marks without doing any more work—and with much less work, in fact. There is nothing to buy and nothing to download, because the whole system is in the Cloud, waiting for you when you need it. It’s totally free.

A “web conference” is just a Video Conference Call, with a Shared Desktop added. All you need is your laptop and your phone.

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How to Use International Dial-in Numbers

Here at, we’ve always prided ourselves on world-wide access to our services. Case in point: Our ever increasing selection of dedicated international dial-in numbers. Our free plan offers dial-in numbers in nearly twenty countries, so that you’ll always have a conference line available to you, wherever you are in the world. Upgrade to any of our paid plans and you’re covered in more than forty countries! Your international callers will appreciate the savings, since you’ll be sparing them the cost of dialing across the world.

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