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Big City Living: Save on Phone Plans with VoIP and Free Web Calling

Living in a major city centre can be a rewarding, enriching experience—especially for young people working and studying—but it can also be difficult to stay afloat with expensive everyday costs of living. Housing, transportation, food, and other necessities are expensive enough, and data costs in wireless plans contribute to a budget that can already be difficult to manage. Why not save money with VoIP?

Big city living is expensive, save money with VoIP

Big city living can be stressful and expensive—let us help through free web calling.

Thankfully, for students and young professionals especially, has your free web calling needs covered. Primed for any device with a browser and Internet access, our browser-based service requires no downloads, registrations, or payments—simply enjoy interruption-free calling on us.

 Work remotely and cut on travel time and costs with VoIP

Many modern workplaces are becoming more and more flexible with working remotely, from home or elsewhere. The Internet, of course, is the cornerstone of this, and it has ushered in a new culture of professional work (a shift that has been long overdue). Working from home gives you the benefit of taking care of your family (if you have one), working in a comfortable, personal environment, and saves you time and money on transportation.

With VoIP and’s free web calling, it’s like you’ve never left your office—crystal-clear video and audio calling allows you to keep in close contact with your colleagues no matter where you are. Video calling is much more personal than audio-only calling, so you can easier maintain meaningful relationships with your colleagues from afar.

Make the most of the city’s opportunities with VoIP

Make the most of the city’s challenges and opportunities.

Transportation can also be extremely difficult in massive cities like New York, Tokyo, or Los Angeles. Take this example; you live in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and have a meeting at 1 p.m. planned with a client whose office is in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Why would either of you travel during a peak transit time in one of the world’s busiest cities? In cases like this, free web calling is a godsend—the Internet makes working easier, even for basic things like getting around town. You can even view various documents without the hassle of downloading through our screen sharing feature!

Parking is expensive, public transit is expensive and inconvenient—why travel for upwards to an hour to make it to a twenty-minute meeting when you could just use free web calling? Working smarter, not harder, produces results for both you and your employer!

Get all the news from home

Living in a metropolitan city can be isolating—it is easy to feel lost and lonely in cities with millions of people. For those lonelier moments away from your hometown, it always helps to hit up some old friends or family living away from your city. Keeping in touch with your loved ones makes you feel a little less alone and gives you the emotional support we all need sometimes—this is especially important for students living away from family and friends.

Our call scheduling feature is perfect for larger families who like to stay in contact—simply email a calendar reminder to anyone you wish to video call, and we’ll remind everyone about the date and time. It’s that simple.

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