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How Video Conference Calls Can Help Your Career

At, we devote our time to create the best possible experience for our customers, so it means a lot when our customers express their appreciation. One of our customers recently wrote to us and praised our service. This customer, Jonathan, is a researcher at a renowned university, and said that our service provided an accessible, convenient solution for his career needs. Jonathan regularly coordinates his research with his colleagues around the world, and often presents his findings via video conference.

That being said, you don’t have to be conducting research for a living to make the most out of our service. is dedicated to help with everybody’s career needs, and make the most out of our customers’ time.


Scheduling A Presentation

how to conduct a conference call or online meetingIt can be incredibly difficult to have high attendance for an important meeting. There is always somebody sick, somebody on a business trip, somebody working from home that day; it’s impossible to account for everything when planning your presentation date. However, certainly makes it easier. By adapting your presentation for a web meeting, participants can now conveniently join from home, or even abroad! And even if some of your peers cannot attend the presentation online, call-recording is offered as well, so they can access the presentation at any time.

Screen Sharing and video conference calls can be utilized in these online meetings to share information, and supplement your presentation visually. There’s no need to worry about unwanted interruptions either; moderator controls ensure that your presentation will run smoothly.

Meeting with Clients via Video Conference

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Dealing with customers may be a big part of your career, and managing that can be a headache. Finding a convenient time for both parties is often a pain, usually resulting in a chaotic schedule for yourself. Of course, a phone call would suffice, but can be too impersonal compared to speaking face-to-face. Meeting via web-call is a great compromise, and still respects both your and your client’s schedules.

These video calls can be done straight in your browser, and is as simple as following a single URL to join the call. Important documents can be easily shared during the call, as well as a recording of the call immediately afterwards. Of course, free international dial-in numbers are offered, if video calling just isn’t an option. Regardless, has all of the tools to ensure that you can communicate with your customers easily and effectively.

Whether you’re conducting detailed research, juggling countless customers world-wide, or simply have an important presentation, is perfectly suited to meet your career needs. You can visit our website to see a complete list of features, and sign up today!

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