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Free Video Conferencing Software for Nursing Homes

While it may not always be an ideal solution, people in their old age are sometimes placed in long-term care facilities. Nursing homes, or convalescent homes, are care centres where the elderly and infirm are placed for round-the-clock caretaking. There are many reasons for placing the elderly in nursing homes—there may be technology available that is necessary for specific conditions, or the family unit may not be able to take care of the person on their own.

Impact of Ageing

Ageing can have a big impact on families—don't lose contact with the ones you love

When elderly family members are placed in long-term care, it is important for them to know that you love and care for them. It is not always possible to be physically present with them, but thankfully—the Internet's best free video conferencing software—has those distances covered.

Simple, elegant video calling

For patients with limited mental or physical capabilities, or people who are less fluent with technology than average, is a perfect tool for simple, no-strings-attached video calling that is clear and reliable. Its simplicity is ideal for use in long-term care facilities, and the browser-based software can be used with any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Contact your family

Easily contact your family from anywhere in the world.

As families develop and move to more disparate places, it is important to keep in touch, especially when a family member is ill. For families spread across far distances, our free video conferencing software allows for multiple family members to join in on video calls from anywhere in the world.

Multiple features

Though is known for its ease of use and simple design, it also comes jam packed with features for productivity, planning, and documentation. These intuitive, useful features can help you better plan your video calls for any purpose.

For families, our handy call scheduler allows you to remind others of a planned video call. Life gets busy sometimes, and we tend to forget everyday things like calling family. You may also register your phone number for instant text message reminders.

Sharing videos and photos with family members can be a hassle—registering for hosting services, downloading, and emailing can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for elderly family members who do not know how to use computers or tablets as well as younger family members. To fix this, we've designed a screen sharing program so that you can instantly share your screen to show images, videos, and anything else you need to share.

The Internet has changed the way we communicate, and it can help maintain the close bonds that make families families. Let us at, the Internet's best free video conferencing software, narrow the gap between you and your loved ones.

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