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Curating Galleries and Museums with Video Teleconferencing

How does help you stay on the ball with all your video teleconferencing needs? It all starts with clear communication. The process of curating an art exhibit can be a daunting process, requiring months of preparation, networking, and travelling to bring artworks and artists together to make a spectacular showing.

Video Conferencing to Help Organize Art Gallery

Art speaks volumes about the cultural, racial, and social situations in which it was made—that is why well-curated exhibits are important.

Exhibits and installations in museums and galleries must be carefully arranged with regards to theme, artistic and historical significance, mediums, and the identities being represented by artists and their work. Each exhibit tells a particular narrative about the human experience that is both financially valuable and culturally priceless. Art enriches the world, and curators are responsible for putting it out there.


Network with a variety of artists and programmers

The Louvre

The Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world, is as respected for its curation staff as it is the artworks inside.

No matter how much you'd like to have an artwork in your gallery or museum, you must first have the consent of the rights holder, whether that body is the artist themselves or the gallery holding their work. There is often plenty of red tape around licensing, borrowing, and shipping artworks, so it is absolutely essential to stay on the same page with your mutual plans for the sake of legal liability and financial matters.

This is where video teleconferencing comes in—holding a virtual meeting with multiple participants allows artists, curators, and donors to stay in close contact at every step of the way without having to travel far distances. can cover all of your curation needs from a single click, with no downloads, subscriptions, or fees (hidden or otherwise). also boasts a useful screen sharing feature that allows every party in a conference call the ability to share images, texts, and other material without the need for downloads or emails. For artists, this can be used to show project plans—for curators, it can display financial charts, deadline calendars, and other important information.

Video teleconferencing and performance art

For many employee engagement app, the Internet has become its own medium, full of inspirations and various materials to work with. Some artists may see a lot of potential in telecommunications as a medium for innovative mixed-media installations and performances. Live streaming could have a significant impact on the way performance art is done within the physical “space” of a gallery—it is almost as if the purpose of the building, and the medium of projecting telecasted images, become their own boldly contemporary artistic statements.

It's no secret that artists and many smaller galleries don't make much off of their craft. That is why, among its many other benefits,'s video teleconferencing services are perfect for artists and curators. Easy-to-use and crystal clear video calling is just a second away—simply enter your email address and you'll be all set.

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