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Keep Verbatim Records with Call Recording

We’ve all been there: The Perfect Meeting. One of those conference calls where everything just goes “right”. It doesn’t happen often enough, but when it does, the synergy is palpable. The session ends, high fives are flying, and the mood in the room is elevated.

But then it hits you: What about Susie in Sales who couldn’t make the call? And Hey, does anyone remember that great tagline Jim in Marketing came up with? Suddenly the tone shifts as everyone tries to recall the details of what just transpired.

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That’s where Free Conference call recording comes in! Meeting details, nuance of tone, and verbatim dialogue are all conveyed accurately and without confusion. Remember Jim's awesome tagline? Got it down! And Susie from Sales? Send her the download link to your Free Conference call recording; she’ll feel like she was there with the rest of the team! 

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Capture your meeting with call recording and with just a push of a button, so no important information are lost.

You’ll be surprised at how useful it can be to have a recording of your Free Conference call. Here are just a few of the ways a Free Conference call recording can help:

  • Role call of attendees
  • Archiving of discussion points
  • Share with those who couldn’t attend
  • Transcription from the recording

Give Free Conference call recording a shot with your next meeting! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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