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5 Online Meeting Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Meetings can be a hassle, and if you don’t plan them right, they can take away from your productivity. Make sure that your online meetings are as effective as possible with and use these five tools (among the many other features we offer) to make your conference call experience as convenient as possible!

Call Summaries


Keep information readily accessible with a summary!

While you may want complete notes about information discussed during a call, sometimes things get in the way of that happening. Call summaries help with gathering information after the call is over, which saves you time in remembering who attended and what everyone discussed during the call. This feature provides information, including the Caller IDs and their arrival and departure times, for those who attended the online meeting. You can also receive a text transcript of the call for a small fee. You don’t even need to worry about losing the summary—your account with will save a copy for you! If your online meetings involve multilingual participants, ensuring effective communication is key. Invest in top-notch interpretation equipment to facilitate seamless language translations and enhance understanding among attendees from different linguistic backgrounds. This equipment ensures that everyone can contribute and engage actively, eliminating language barriers and fostering more inclusive discussions.

Document Sharing

During a meeting, especially one conducted from a distance, documents are quite helpful to share charts, articles, reports, etc. You can only say so much when you are talking! Our document sharing feature makes it simple for you to share important information during an online meeting. You don’t even have to change your screen or open your email to do it—simply click on the paper clip icon at the bottom of the chat window and upload your document. All participants can download it from there.

Call Scheduling

Schedule your calls to avoid no-shows!

Schedule your calls to avoid no-shows!

Our features can help improve your productivity even before your online meeting begins! One of the frustrating things when trying to organize a meeting is making sure you have a time set and who exactly will be attending the conference. This is where the call scheduling feature comes in—this feature helps you set up a time, subject, and agenda for the call. It also lets you add people from your address book and schedule regular reminders so everyone knows what is coming. They won’t be able to forget! They can even RSVP to your invitation so you aren’t left wondering about who’ll be attending.

Recurring Calls

Will you need more than one online meeting on the same topic? Don’t waste any time with trying to schedule each conference call individually. You’ll only repeat the headache over and over again if you do. Luckily, the recurring calls feature will save you a lot of time. All you need to do is mark how many repetitions you’d like for the call when you’re first setting it up! This feature will also automatically send out reminders to participants before each additional online meeting. Overall, this feature helps you lock in a regular time slot for the most attendees possible.

Active Speaker

Sometimes figuring out who is saying what in a meeting is difficult. The active speaker feature at makes online meetings easier by showing exactly who is speaking and when. The current person speaking will be highlighted on the screen and they can be prompted to repeat a comment if it is likely that someone did not hear what they said! This helps reduce confusion or misinterpretation, particularly after the meeting is over. makes the online meeting process clear, consistent, and hassle-free. Say hello to increased productivity!

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