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Teaching Classes from Home Using Free Conferencing

In these harder economic times, many people—both professionals and hobbyists—have taken to the Internet to teach classes. From gardening to small household repairs and everything else in between, free or affordable lessons are available for just about any topic you can think of.

One strategy for instructors and class attendants is free conferencing—using real-time video and audio feeds, instructors can engage with their audience in a more organic way. YouTube videos are fine, sure, but waiting for a reply to clarify a talking point or technique can be frustrating and ineffective.

Instructors: consider using’s effortless and reliable video calling service. Your long distance classes will never be the same!

Amateur Instructors and Hobbyists

Car Repair

Everyday repairs like automobile work can be expensive. Learn to do it yourself and save money!

The “crowdsourcing” of information in the past 20 years or so has led many industrious people to lead their own endeavours through the Internet, either as a source of income or some side cash.

One of these ways is through teaching—many hobbyists and amateurs make useful, accessible videos to help people with everyday things like gardening, repairs, and “lifehacks.” Videos alone are a good resource, but through actually interacting with your audience (and your audience interacting with you), you can have a much more informative and effective teaching session.

Also, is available on any device with a browser. This means that you can use your cellphone for a more mobile teaching experience, especially for gardening or repairs that require an up-close view.

For clarifying things, repeating steps in a process, and getting to know your audience better, has you covered.

Higher Education and Mentorship


We could all use some professional advice, even for simple everyday things.

When professors are ill or absent from the campus they teach at, they can still conduct classes using free conferencing. This can be done either in the classroom, or in an online class setting—online classes can be scheduled with’s handy call scheduling service. Simply enter the emails of the people you wish to include in your lecture or seminar, and ensure a prompt, clear video call.

For all educators outside of academia—such as professional mentors and life coaches— can help you organize your various appointments with clients. At any given time you may have dozens of clients to keep in touch with, and this can be overwhelming without a well-organized schedule for free conferencing.’s recurring call feature is ideal for those pre-planned, weekly meetings with clients and other professionals.

Learning doesn’t just happen in schools, as the Internet has proven over the past two decades. Resources like Wikipedia, WikiHow, and various blogs such as LifeHacker, have helped millions of people with everyday knowledge and even more specialized topics. Free conferencing and video services have kicked this up another notch with real-time collaboration and educating over any distance.

Everybody needs a bit of mentorship sometimes, and with the easiness of, you can get that helping hand anywhere, anytime.

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