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18 Ways Can Help You Simplify Your Business This Year

It seems like we spend too much time in meetings in the modern work environment. But companies continue to find solutions for the abundance of necessary meetings that their employees need to have. was created from this demand, and it provides so much more than just conference calling. Here are 18 ways FreeConference can help you simplify your business this year.

FreeConference Dog with Computer1) Instant, on-demand, free conference call

When something needs immediate attention, you can always access a quick free conference call with remote colleagues with reservation-less phone conferencing on FreeConference. Just dial your dedicated dial-in number or a dial-in from any of out 15+ free dial-in numbers and enter your unique access code and start the meeting.

2) Save time and money

Every business can use a means to reduce costs, and the convenience of conference calls can reduce travel or opportunity costs when joining a meeting through the phone or computer.

3) Accommodate larger calls

Have more colleagues that need to hop on than usual? How many, 50? 100? Have no worries, audio conferencing on FreeConference can support up to 400 callers on one call, so you can invite all of the colleagues you need on your conference.

4) International Callers welcome!

These days, when colleagues are remote, they could be really remote. FreeConference provides a list of international dial ins, free and premium, so that callers in other countries can find their local numbers and access the conference without worrying about international rates.

5) Demos, training, troubleshoot sessions with Screen-sharing

That’s right, FreeConference also provides online conference calling, with Screens-sharing as a highlighted feature. Anyone can use it for demonstrations, tutorials or digital troubleshooting sessions without any downloads (with Google Chrome).

6) Present and circulate documents during your meeting

Any member of the conference call can present a document during the online meeting. Enhancing the session by presenting relevant documents, or providing the proper documentations to your team members, all files will be available for download.

7) Use your moderator controls to customize your presentation

Different conference calls might require different types of speaking modes, a prayer call for example might only need one speaker, whereas Press Q&A sessions might need different mute modes. Use the moderator controls available on FreeConference to suite your conferencing needs.

8) Premium options for special callers

There are companies that need certain features from their conference call service, such as a premium number for their customers, or a greeting prompt without mentioning “FreeConference.” The Toll-free number is perfect for this scenario, picking up the tab for your client’s call.

9) Schedule important conferences you have in the future

Reservation-less calls are nice, but sometimes you need to get everyone on the same page with an old-fashioned scheduled conference call. Your FreeConference scheduler feature sends out email or calendar invites and reminders to your meeting participants, allowing them to arrange their schedules in advance.

10) Customize the scheduling to fit your needs

Use different scheduling features to optimize your scheduled conference calls. Calls can set to repeat if this is a recurring call, you can also set up text reminders to remind participants about the conference is attendance is vital.

11) Saved call logs for future reference

After every call, the account holder would receive an email of the call summary, including who was on the call, how long they were on the call for, chat records, and recordings (if recordings were made). These call summaries can serve as a good guideline for any follow up information.

12) Recording feature is available

If you need to record your conference calls or your online meetings for any reason, FreeConference offers unlimited audio and video recording on any of our premium plans. Recording can be initiated by the call moderator.

Features13) Improve future presentations with notes from past

With access to the previous audio recordings and records, presenters can use them as a guide to improve their presentations on conference calls for next time. Especially now that we have our new Whiteboarding feature!

14) Use FreeConference as a Transcription solution

There are industries that require official transcriptions of conference calls and FreeConference can transcribe your audio recordings upon request.

15) Free connection and device testing

The FreeConference connection test was originally designed to test the browser’s compatibility with our online meeting room. However, if there use other applications that require cameras or microphones such as Aircall or Teamspeak, the connection test on FreeConference can check whether those devices are connected on your browser.

16) Fit the needs of different employees

Because of the flexible nature of FreeConference and its features, it could accommodate the different needs of your employees whether it’s phone, internet, mobile app, reservation-less, or international.

17) No need for cost considerations

It is FreeConference after all, users do not have to worry about costs if the call is going long, or making multiple conference calls in a month while using the free service.

18) Online Whiteboard

Make real time edits, drawings, and notes with the online whiteboard feature. The visuals could be much more impactful than the verbal communications.

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