Boosting Profit by Hiring an Expert

Use conference calls to optimize expertise

In a recent blog on improving a business’ bottom line through conversion-driven sales campaigns, marketing gurus at Optimize Smart conclude their article with the app AWOL Academy. After all, no business has every knowledge base covered. And the fresh perspective of an outside expert can be as useful as the ideas.

But hiring experts is a significant investment, and if you want the highest return on investment, you have to be prepared to engage as many people in your organization with the expert as possible using the most effective communication technology available, like webinars and conference calls.

Another way to fully engage your staff to improve your bottom line is to realize that they too are “experts” in their own way.

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Driving Profit By Reducing Costs With Conference Calls

Marketing consultants at Optimize Smart wrote a recent article about reducing costs, urging their business clients to examine the efficiency of looking deeper than trying to pump sales, and consider reducing sales costs to increase profitability.

They suggest, “Calculate the ROI of everything you do.” Good idea! $100k saved is a $100k earned!

To use an example, let’s compare how doubling the number of Facebook ads you have compares to using conference calls to cut the costs and increase the frequency of sales meetings.

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Why Conference Calls Are So Smart

If organizations want to succeed, they need to model their information sharing on the most sophisticated and efficient information processor on the planet: the human brain.

Every day, humanity makes 50 billion cellphone calls, and sends 300 billion emails. But just one person’s brain sends more messages than that!

It sends about 10,000 times as many, every day. And all we need to do this is a muffin and a cup of coffee.

Our brains are this efficient because of the way they are wired. Unfortunately, office communication is not usually wired as intelligently as a human brain. This really holds organizations back. Information moves around, but it usually either moves just one way, or just between two people.

The reason conference calls are so smart is that they use the same system of moving information as your brain, so your information can be become ideas.

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The best ways for families to keep in touch

A friend of mine has five children from three different marriages who are all grown up and going to Universities or holding down jobs. Some live in Europe, some in Asia, and some live “closer to home,” in North America—if you can call Toronto “close” to his retirement cabin home on a small island off the coast of British Columbia.

Their last reunion cost $5,000 in plane fare. He certainly can’t afford to keep that up.

It is an extreme example of what many families face while trying to stay connected. The global village isn’t one you can ride a bicycle across. So what do these kind of families do to keep in touch?

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Setting up a Conference Call is Easier than….

Until you have set up a conference call, it can seem a little “complicated” or “challenging.” Not as complicated as getting four boyfriends or spouses out of the way for an evening, but then, what is? Let’s compare setting up a conference call versus getting the girls together to go see a good movie.

Pick a movie

First problem: define “good!” When was the last time you picked a movie in a few minutes?

In 2015, you have to decide whether you want to go modern lowbrow and laugh with “The Boy Next Door”, or ride off in a carriage and four with “Far From the Madding Crowd.” But two of you hate period pieces. Well, “Love and Mercy” or “Clouds of Sil Maria” might have a little more depth, but is depth really what you are looking for in a night out?

Setting up conference calls requires choosing what kind of call you are in the mood for too, but it’s just so darn much easier!

Free call or Courtesy 1-800 Number? Click.

That was fast. Even faster if you use Quick Scheduler to automatically fill in your attendees, organizer code, access code, subject, agenda and invitees from your last call.

In the time it would take you to read the reviews, you could have set up 5 conference calls. Aaargh! Stamp your foot here.

Oh well, if you have that sinking feeling you can’t find a movie everyone wants to watch, you can always get a six pack or two and watch Titanic again…

Teleconference 1, Movie Night 0

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Recording Conference Calls to Harness the “Power of While”

Simple teleconference technology adds value

In Jim Estill’s book “Time Leadership”, he describes how to use the “Power of While” to blend two compatible activities to get more out of life.

An example would be a busy University student listening to a lecture podcast or audio tape while they go for a morning run. The podcast helps them keep motivated, and the oxygen and endorphin’s generated increase comprehension of the information.

The Power of While

What many people don’t know is just how easy it is to use conference call recording technology to create a Podcast out of any speech.

First, you use the Power of While by recording your speech for future use while you are still delivering it. Your relationship with the live audience will make the delivery of your ideas more resonant and passionate.

Then, your listeners can also use the Power of While by listening from afar, or at a later time, while doing something compatible. Listening to your words when they are in a conducive environment will help them integrate and remember what they heard, and reflect on your concepts in the context of their own lives.

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Invitations and Reminders Made Easy

Cell phone conference calls


Getting an accurate head count for any event is tricky. Anyone whose been left waiting on wedding RSVPs knows this pain intimately. There are those guests who swear they’re coming but neglect to show up; those who send their regrets then arrive with a guest; and, perhaps worst of all, the flip floppers who give you nothing but a “Maybe” followed by a sudden “No” the day before the event. While there isn’t much to be done about wayward party guests, FreeConference can help you keep track of the business associates, colleagues and clients you want on your next conference call.

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Using Call Recording to Enhance Your Sermons

Conference call technology helps spread the Word

I don’t know about you, but after I’ve slaved over a hot sermon all week, it feels like a bit of a let-down once it is preached and gone. “Plunk goes another one,” like a drop of water into the endless ocean of sermons. Is that all?

Luckily, there is now a way to get more service out of all your hard work.

You can use a simple modern technology called Conference Call Recording to get more out of your sermon by sharing it live, turning it into a Podcast, and creating a written record of the final, fiery, spoken version.

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Using Conference Calls To Get New Ideas Across

Reach the “tipping point” sooner

In any organization, there comes a time when a new idea or procedure must be introduced. Cue the theme music from “Jaws”.

For most people, the status quo offers a warm, fuzzy sense of security; so new ideas can trigger irrational fears and generate unreasonable “push back”.

The best way to develop “buy-in” of innovation is to invite group participation in development, but this is sometimes sacrificed due to concerns over the perceived “expense” of staff time.

Because conference calls respect everyone’s time, create focus, and enable two-way communication, they have become an indispensable tool for introducing operational change into a group.

Little known features like call recording can add value too, and group calls transform the “expense” of staff time into a valuable investment to help you get your idea accepted faster.

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Setting Up a Conference Call is as Easy as…

Some days getting up and getting to work on time feels like one of the most difficult things to do in the entire universe. Here’s the Beatles’ take on it.

“Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, and looking up, I noticed I was late.Found my coat and grabbed my hat, made the bus in seconds flat.” – A Day in the Life. Lennon – McCartney 1968

I guess it depends on what you were up to the night before. The funny thing is that we actually do pull off the Herculean feat of getting our corporeal bodies from Dreamland to gainful employment almost every day.

Millions of conference calls get scheduled every year, too, but until people have actually set one up for themselves they sometimes feel that setting up group calls is hard. The reasoning goes: “Given how much a conference call can accomplish, and how many people are involved, how can it be simple?” Yet simple it is.

Setting up a conference call is easier than getting to work on time, but the secret of success is pretty much the same as it is for our morning pilgrimage to the office; simple routines.

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