Muting: The Underrated King of Conference Calling

Puffin on the go


Life travels at break-neck speed. The world may be flooded with labor and timesaving technology, but paradoxically, life has never been so busy. This is an era where multi-tasking is not just a useful skill, it is a necessity. Technology allows remote teams to be in constant contact, and when branches of your company are operating in opposite time zones, you may find yourself hosting conference calls at strange times. You may be bartering with investors in Hong Kong while folding socks before bed, or keeping an eye on a pot of bubbling marinara while checking in with your creative team in Australia. Multitasking is essential to modern life, but it can also be disruptive.

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How to Write a Great Sermon

Using conference call technology to follow in the footsteps of the masters

Did you know that Islamic sermons (Khutbah) are often delivered on Fridays, Jewish sermons on Saturdays, and Christian sermons on Sundays?

I wonder if anyone, somewhere on this wide Earth, is a regular follower who goes from one to the next?

On whichever day they are delivered, sermons that wish to compete with the incessant rain of Ted Talks and Twitter feeds need to be driven by good ideas about relevant topics. Unfortunately, even the best-written sermon falls flat if it isn’t delivered properly.

The secret of writing a great sermon is to train yourself to write for preaching, not reading.

Studying the greats is an important way to learn. They keep it simple, organize their thoughts well, and choose engaging images. Catching three sermons in a row from Friday to Sunday would be a good way to learn too!

Teleconference call technology that records your sermons is a helpful new tool that makes your sermons more widely available over the phone, archives them on the Internet, and helps you learn how to make them better each week.

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The Benefits of Conference Call Recording

Communicating outside the box

Viagra was initially designed to treat high blood pressure until someone supervising the clinical trials suggested, “You know, I think there just might be some other “applications” that, umm, we could possibly use this for”.

After an interesting detour through a 2007 study where Viagra was convincingly proven to assist jet lag recovery in hamsters, Viagra found its true calling, went on to “pump up” drug company Pfizer’s flagging stock market performance, and the rest is “cheesy television commercial” history.

Sometimes we just don’t see all the uses for new technology at once.

Conference calls are another example. Most people use teleconferencing to improve the flow of communication in an organization. Group calling is easy to organize, saves money, and respects staff time.

But not so many people are even aware that with just one click of a mouse they can select “Record Conference” while they are setting up a conference call and open up a whole world of new applications and benefits.

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Keep Information Flowing with Free Conference Calls

Sharing information leads to success

In all of history, one of the most compelling illustrations of the terrible consequences of stifled information flow is the tragedy of trench warfare in World War 1, which has since become the defining dictionary example for the word “futility”. Whatever your business or project is, the last thing you need is to get bogged down because information isn’t flowing in your organization.

Luckily, we live in a world where information flows much faster, through emails, text messaging, wireless phone calling, scanning, etc. But which one is best? Each have their pros and cons for different applications. For work teams and organizations, free conference calls keep information flowing better by offering:

  • real-time group communication
  • more focus, less distraction
  • opportunities to build team spirit

“Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it”. Although we can’t bring those World War 1 soldiers back, we can certainly honor their memory by trying to learn from the mistakes that caused them such grief, and keep our information flowing.

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How to Promote Good Leadership with Teleconferencing

Using direct communication to build trust and loyalty

When Martin Luther King had a dream and he wanted to inspire everyone to share it, he didn’t just fire off a few emails. He got in front of as many people as he could, and he shared that dream directly.

But sometimes, getting the leaders and the people together in one room isn’t so easy, and this is where conference calls and group online meetings can help foster great communication. In a Forbes online post on communication secrets of great leaders, contributor Mike Myatt identified the key communication techniques leaders use to inspire people. Every single one of them, from creating trust to active listening, is something that conference calls are perfect for. Group calling really excels at helping leaders reach out to every single person in an organization, and break down the barriers between the corner office and the shop floor. Too often, company leaders only move in the same limited pathways of upper management.

Unfortunately, vital information can have trouble filtering up to leadership, and inspiration can have trouble filtering down.

A group online meeting really knits an organization together like nothing else.

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Teleconferencing Services make hiring easier and more efficient

Teleconferencing Services help with pre-hiring interviews. You could find “Mr or Ms Right”

Finding a good employee can be almost as difficult as finding the right spouse, and the consequences of a bad choice are almost as drastic.

The more information you can gather first the better, but time for hiring processes is short in most organizations. Conference calls make hiring easier and better by saving money and staff time, so you can cast a wider net and do better “due diligence” on prospective employees.

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4 Tips for Effective FreeConference Calls

The most effective conference calls

are just like a good party.

Who knew?

We all know that when a team wants to collaborate, surfing a FreeConference call is way better than riding a dusty email trail, because sharing a moment in time is the best way to maintain a human connection, and it’s human connections that drive business forward.

There’s no better place to connect than a party, and that is exactly how you should approach setting up an effective FreeConference call.

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Grow Your Business with Free Teleconferencing

Conference Calls Cut Travel Costs

Why are people trying to cut their travel costs the hard way?

A conference call can be set up for free, and a whole year’s worth of deluxe teleconferencing features like desktop sharing and courtesy international long distance will cost you less than one business trip.

Cutting travel costs isn’t the only advantage of teleconferencing. Grow your business with conference calls by keeping customer relationships warm, and snapping up opportunities that you couldn’t afford to fly to.

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6 Tips for a Successful Free Conference Call

Holding a successful and productive free conference call, like many other things, is a matter of preparation, common sense and a little creativity thrown in for good measure.

  1. Even if you’ve done it a hundred times before, be the first person to arrive for your conference. You’ll be better organized to start the meeting and you can personally welcome everyone.
  2. Remind everyone to put their phones on mute during the call, and to not put their phones on hold during the free conference call. On-hold music or beeping from their phone might be picked up by the conference.
  3. Ask everyone on the call to preface any comment or question with their name so everyone knows who’s talking.
  4. For scheduled meetings, distribute the dial-in information ahead of time along with any background material necessary to the call.
  5. Work from a quiet place. As much as I love them, my budgies get moved from my home office before a conference. Along the same lines, turn off radios, mute other phones and close your office door to eliminate background noise.
  6. Recording your conference call is an excellent idea, even when someone is taking notes. When you are recording a call, let everyone know about it.

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