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How Conference Calls Save Time and Money

Although many people prefer in-person meetings, time and money does not always make this possible. Audio and video conferencing can be the next best thing. Conference Calls still offer the productivity of having a meeting and can definitely help you save a ton of time and money.

According to the Meeting in America Study conducted by Verizon Conferencing, “a five-person meeting conducted in-person (involving plane travel for four of the attendees) is over seven times more expensive than a meeting conducted by audio conference”. Further to this “the average time participants spend to prepare for, travel to, and attend this in-person meeting involving 5 people is 53 hours and 23 minutes. This is more than three times the time involved in an audio or video conference”.

So now that we know Conference calls save time and money, let’s explore HOW.

Save time and conference from the comfort of your desk at home.

You won’t have to travel to that meeting across the country or get stuck in traffic traveling by car or bus to the other side of the city. Traffic will no longer waste your time, or that of the other attendees. Conference calls give you the flexibility to attend a meeting from wherever you want. offers many great features that are awesome time savers:

Schedule a call in advance and send out invitations and reminders so that participants know when and where to be. They’ll never have an excuse to be late again.

Meet on a weekly or monthly basis? No problem! Use the recurring call feature so you only have to schedule once.

We’ve all had problems with scheduling a meeting so everyone can attend. Most of the time it’s hard to align schedules and there are always a few who simply can’t. Your solution:

  1. Schedule two meetings – a time eater
  2. Take extensive notes and share them with the missing few – also a time eater.

PICK C!!! Conference Call Recording allows you to record, download and share the meeting. It’s that easy!

Did I mention absolutely no downloads required? Seriously, go to the web browser to sign into your account and connect to the call. Your participants don’t even need an account; only the moderator does.

Save money by cutting out costly travel expenses.

How much money did you spend on travel costs last year? I’m not just talking about airplane and hotel costs. What about gas, mileage and parking, not to mention the cost of your time to get there? Add all that up and it will amount to one hefty bill. Conference calls can eliminate all this and your conference call can amount to just a fraction of the cost or even better - FREE!

What about your international contacts?

International conference numbers can save you and your meeting attendees a ton of cash. offers numbers all over the world that can be used together with the same PIN. Which means, John can connect using the FREE dial-in for Brussels with Rebecca who’s dialing in from Poland and 4 other attendees joining the call using the meeting room URL and dialing by web! Not only do you save travel costs to another country for a meeting, but you also don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make a conference call either. That’s the way.

Happy Conferencing!  

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