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Why Web Meetings are the Best Meetings

In 2002 Canadian songwriting legend Bruce Cockburn released a love song entitled "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere," which was covered in a delightful bluesy growl by Colin Linden on "Raised by Wolves," and with lovely choirboy purity by Jimmy Buffet on his album "License to Chill."

If you want a potential sweetie to fall in love with you, there is no clearer, simpler way than to get yourself a guitar, learn the song, and sing it to them.

You can do this while standing outside their bedroom window on a harvest moon, curled up in front of a roaring fire at a ski lodge, or as the song says– anytime, or anywhere.

The title "Anything, Anytime, Anywhere" also makes about the simplest, clearest case for why Web Conferencing is the best way to hold any meeting, whether for romance, or to keep a family or staff team in touch.


Old fashioned is not a bad thing in love songs, but it just doesn't work any more in meetings. Sit-down meetings are terribly limited as a vehicle to share information because the screen is only fed from one computer, which creates an information bottleneck.

In a free web Video Conference meeting, everyone is sitting at their own desks, with all their resources at their fingertips. Screen Sharing allows every single participant access to feed the common screen with anything they want.

If something in the meeting makes you suddenly remember a great TED Talk on the subject, you can Google it and use YouTube video sharing to spread the love. Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Power Points, PDF files– literally anything you want to contribute to the meeting, just attach it to the shared desktop.

Free conference calls over telephones have such great sound quality you could even "whisper" information gently into your telephone. Just be careful to keep it professional!


Cockburn's version of "Anything, Anytime Anywhere" is 3:34 seconds long, which is about all the time it takes to set up a conference call these days. And free web meetings are not just "free" in terms of money, but also in terms of when they can be scheduled.

You can hold web conference at any time because you don't have to wait for people to travel around assembling, or for meeting rooms to be available. Call Scheduling syncs with Google and Outlook Calendars to make setting meetings up between people with complex schedules a snap.

Even participants in different time zones can check in aided by handy Invitations and Reminders, and if they simply can't attend, can access the handy MP3 file of the meeting minutes created by Call Recording. Physical meetings are so limited. The time saving Features of web conference calls are what make them the best way to have meetings.


Long-distance staff team relationships got you down? Miss your work buds badly? Can't afford the airfare? Don't moon about writing sad emails. Free web meetings are truly accessible from anywhere on the globe. All you need is your Toll-Free Number.

And Mobile Conference Call Apps have taken global connectivity a step further now. You can attend a web conference meeting with your mobile phone, not just from "anywhere," but from "anywhere in anywhere."

Calling from Australia to Canada? No problem with regular web meetings.

Sitting on a beach in Australia with just an iPad or your cell phone while calling an office tower in downtown Vancouver? No problem with Mobile Apps.

And because you are meeting over the phone, you won't get any Skype echoes or robotic voices.

Gotta love good communication

Businesses and organizations are falling for free web meetings because they practice total acceptance. Wherever you are, whatever you are thinking, conference call meetings are there for you, in that timeless way that speaks of true connection.

Web conferencing is the best way to hold a meeting, because free web meetings are completely flexible as to when and where they are held, and what information they can include.

Modern conference calls bring staff teams closer together.

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