The Tao of New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses.


Christmas can be tiresome, because it is now all about buying something. New Years is different. If you make a New Years Resolution, the holiday can be less about buying something and more about being something. This works for businesses too. We’re always being told to invest thousands of dollars in better Customer Relation Management (CRM) tools, shiny new websites or expensive consultants.

Does everything have to cost so much? Could we not just be a better business?

A wonderful way to become a better business is to improve our communication. After all, we don’t have to go out and buy new staff; we can just help them be more efficient and productive.

One of the simplest ways to improve communication in any organization is to use more conference call technology.

Why Conference Calls are so convenient

Everybody has a phone, and a phone is all you need to make a conference call. Everybody has a computer, too, which unlocks another level of convenience with Screen Sharing and Web Conferencing. You don’t have to purchase anything to take advantage of conference calls.

With Call Scheduling, you can automatically send out Invitations and Reminders, and set up Recurring Calls. You can use the Moderator Controls located in your Personal Meeting Room to make sure everybody can hear clearly.

Beyond the basics, there are an amazing number of features and possibilities available, like Call Recording, where you can get an MP3 file of your call emailed to within two hours for podcasts and videos, and Transcription, where you can get your meeting written out as a Word Doc.

But even with all these Features, the entire infrastructure needed is all in the Cloud, and it is maintained and upgraded by None of these teleconferencing features require downloads or software licenses. There is literally nothing to buy.

How Conference Calls help you become a better business

Conference calls make it so cheap to keep in touch with high quality audio calls and even Video Conferencing, that they let you have as many meetings as you need. While this can really matter if you have been trying to save money by cancelling transcontinental trips, it can still make a huge difference with a staff team located in a city, or even in one large office building.

Conference calls start when everyone picks up the phone.

There are no elevators, stairwells, hallways, meeting rooms, planes, trains or automobiles involved. Travel time and office disruption can be thought of as “meeting friction.” Reducing meeting friction is the easiest, most profitable way to promote communication in an organization.

Being a better business

A New Year’s Resolution to become a better business by practicing evolved communication is so much better than presenting Santa with a huge shopping list.

Like they say: you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

3 ways to get your business prepared for a better New Year

We live in a culture obsessed by finding what’s new and exciting. That means, if you want your business and organization to prosper, you’ll not only have to deliver your product or service, but do it in a way that captures people’s imagination with the latest social media trends.

Champagne doesn’t just taste good; it has bubbles.

New Year’s is a great time to reflect on how you can prepare your business for a better year ahead.

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5 Reasons Consultants Use Conference Calls

If you are a consultant, closing new contracts is probably the hardest part of your job. Organizations are always afraid of change, even if they know they need it.

Of course, one of the biggest fears clients must face is their misunderstanding that organizational development is a cuttable “cost”, when it should be thought of as a vital investment. But it isn’t just the fees that scare customers away, it is the perception that the consulting process will incur organizational costs by chewing up too much precious staff time.

Smart consultants mention the use of conference calls in quotes because offering powerful, efficient and flexible communication technology as part of your package can help overcome those fears and close the deal.

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New Years Resolution #2: Trimming the Fat with Teleconferencing


Everyone can stand to lose a few pounds after the Holiday Feasting Season­– even businesses worry about their “figures” at Year End! Nothing is worse than a saggy “bottom line,” caused by too many unnecessary costs plumping up our expenses. New Year’s is a great time for any group to resolve to work smarter and earn more in the upcoming year, by trimming a little organizational fat.

One of the best ways to get better annual results is to increase the efficiency of our communication technology.

After all, our group’s success is built on our team, and our team needs to keep in touch and work together to excel. Luckily, communication technology is constantly evolving.

Even if you already use conference calls to increase your profit margin or effectiveness, you will be amazed at the new conference call Features Santa’s Elves have been cooking up this year, and how much money you can save with them.

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Successful Business Plans: Test Your Assumptions

Too many organizations create a business plan as “bank bait” and then chuck it in the waste basket once the investment cash (or grant, for non-profits) flows in. This can severely hamper the success of a project, and burn the relationship with the lender or grantor.

The most important process in creating a business plan is the organizational conversations that are held while writing it. The key to it succeeding is treating it as a living document.

Those who fail to plan will plan to fail, but those who carve their business plans in stone are only writing their organization’s epitaph.

Once the first draft of your business plan is written and you have your capital ready, start by testing the assumptions you have made. If you don’t want to fail at the finish line, fail early, and fail fast. The faster you experience your small failures, the faster you can understand where your deficiencies are and fix them.

To keep refining your business plan, you need regular excellent communication. This is where crucial communication technology like conference calls comes in.

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New Year’s Resolution #1: Build your Confidence and try new conference call features


New Year’s Resolutions are great for helping people try new things they normally wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. But why is it so hard for some of us to experiment freely, and how can we get the benefits of doing so?

In the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator system, the “ENFP” profile is one that absolutely loves trying new things. In fact, most ENFPs probably skipped this introduction and are two paragraphs down reading about all the benefits of trying some new conference call features.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” is their motto.

This gung-ho attitude makes ENFPs very cheerful, bubbly and spontaneous. But only about 7% of the population can be called ENFP. For the rest of us “mortals,” trying something new requires courage, because it can disrupt the routines that make our lives run smoothly. We’re averse to risk. However, New Years only comes once a year. Trying out some new conference call Features probably won’t kill us, and it can bring wonderful benefits.

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Boosting Profit by Hiring an Expert

Use conference calls to optimize expertise

In a recent blog on improving a business’ bottom line through conversion-driven sales campaigns, marketing gurus at Optimize Smart conclude their article with the app AWOL Academy. After all, no business has every knowledge base covered. And the fresh perspective of an outside expert can be as useful as the ideas.

But hiring experts is a significant investment, and if you want the highest return on investment, you have to be prepared to engage as many people in your organization with the expert as possible using the most effective communication technology available, like webinars and conference calls.

Another way to fully engage your staff to improve your bottom line is to realize that they too are “experts” in their own way.

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Driving Profit By Reducing Costs With Conference Calls

Marketing consultants at Optimize Smart wrote a recent article about reducing costs, urging their business clients to examine the efficiency of looking deeper than trying to pump sales, and consider reducing sales costs to increase profitability.

They suggest, “Calculate the ROI of everything you do.” Good idea! $100k saved is a $100k earned!

To use an example, let’s compare how doubling the number of Facebook ads you have compares to using conference calls to cut the costs and increase the frequency of sales meetings.

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Why Conference Calls Are So Smart

If organizations want to succeed, they need to model their information sharing on the most sophisticated and efficient information processor on the planet: the human brain.

Every day, humanity makes 50 billion cellphone calls, and sends 300 billion emails. But just one person’s brain sends more messages than that!

It sends about 10,000 times as many, every day. And all we need to do this is a muffin and a cup of coffee.

Our brains are this efficient because of the way they are wired. Unfortunately, office communication is not usually wired as intelligently as a human brain. This really holds organizations back. Information moves around, but it usually either moves just one way, or just between two people.

The reason conference calls are so smart is that they use the same system of moving information as your brain, so your information can be become ideas.

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The best ways for families to keep in touch

A friend of mine has five children from three different marriages who are all grown up and going to Universities or holding down jobs. Some live in Europe, some in Asia, and some live “closer to home,” in North America—if you can call Toronto “close” to his retirement cabin home on a small island off the coast of British Columbia.

Their last reunion cost $5,000 in plane fare. He certainly can’t afford to keep that up.

It is an extreme example of what many families face while trying to stay connected. The global village isn’t one you can ride a bicycle across. So what do these kind of families do to keep in touch?

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