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Free Web Meetings: A Superior Species

In the Olden Days, people used to hate going to meetings because physical travel felt like lost time; it took two hours out of your day that you couldn't get back.

Sometimes we didn't even need to be there. Other people did all the talking, made the decisions, and we just sat there thinking about all the real work piling up back on our desk.

Free web meetings are a welcome evolution because they:

  • Guarantee to save us the time travelling to and from the meetings
  • Will likely allow us to multitask in the slow patches when we are not required

Web Meetings happen right at our desk, and we can get as involved as we need to without losing big chunks of time.

Scheduling web meetings is easier too—even if one participant or more are on the road, they can hook up by Mobile App from their smart phones or iPads.

Evolved Meetings

Web Meetings are also better because they hold so many more capabilities for communication. Screen Sharing is such an evolutionary advantage over "room sharing."

Meeting organizers don't need to photocopy documents that will be quickly thrown out. Everybody can "see the screen" from where they are sitting because it is their own desktop. No more "Oops I forgot to bring..." If you have an idea at a meeting about a relevant web page or PDF you saw somewhere, you can dig it up in seconds and share it with the group.

Did you know that YouTube is now the second biggest search engine behind Google (and owned by Google too)?

People like videos. YouTube Video Sharing makes meetings way more fun, and fun is actually an important part of a good meeting. People are more productive when they are having fun, and they have more fun when their brains are directly engaged.

Intelligent Meetings

When we think, our brains make instant connections. One idea leads to the next. Creativity and problem solving can't be totally scripted in advance. One presenter standing at the front of a room talking at rows of silent people is more like a water tap dripping than a brain thinking.

Although they are called "free web meetings" because they don't cost money to host, students of organizational development think of web meetings as "free" because they are not bound by a one-way information format.

Free web meetings are highly productive because they put so many more resources at our fingertips, ready for spontaneous use.

Easy Meetings

Another reason people used to hate meetings was the administrative overload that came with them. Conference calls save even more time by being such a snap to set up and take down.

Call Scheduling of web meetings is now so sophisticated it literally takes only a few minutes to set the first meeting up, with automatic Invitations and Reminders sent out for free. Subsequent meetings using the Recurring Calls feature cut that time down to less than a minute. syncs perfectly with Google and Outlook calendars.

Another great staff time saver is Call Recording. With one click, you can have an entire Video Conference recorded, including the desktop feed. You can post this as a podcast or video, or on your website for those who missed the meeting, send the link around as "minutes," or keep it as a legal record. Transcription makes this even easier, giving you a set of meeting notes in written format.

Productive Meetings

Web Conferencing is the evolution of meetings. Dragging your staff team around the old fashioned way is "so 90's."

And that would be 1890's!

Free web meetings are faster to set up, cost less to run, are better at engaging staff, share information better, and generate more intelligent decisions.

And they are more fun.

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