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What Can I Use Free Web Conferencing For?

laptop-lady-work-remotelyThe use of web conferencing across a variety of industries has propelled the growth and scalability of how work gets done. With a free trial, anyone can try the platform to see how it integrates with your business. From anywhere in the world, teams can connect and collaborate together.

But, what if you could get web conferencing tools for free? What if a communication solution that connects people socially or professionally came with nothing to lose and everything to gain?

For starters, free web conferencing can be part of your communication strategy to enhance the livelihood of any industry. You can reach many participants or only a few with audio/video meetings that empower your message by hosting live meetings, one on ones, group meetings, and large conferences.

Let’s break down some of the exact uses:

Use #1 – Continuing Education

With virtual classrooms and training sessions held online, it’s easy to continue learning as a student. One of the most compelling features that enables digital learning to be more dynamic is screen sharing.

In a digital arts online class, for example, the educator can bring everyone on the same page by utilizing the Screen Sharing tool to navigate through dense program software. Similarly, for students preparing for network certifications, resources like 'Cisco CCNA Certification Dumps' can be reviewed together in a virtual classroom, enhancing understanding and readiness for the exam. Watch as participation, productivity, engagement – even attendance – is improved when everyone from anywhere can be shown what’s going on instead of reading from a textbook.

Just like Blackboard Collaborate or Adobe Connect’s web conferencing platform (but completely free!), free web conferencing that comes geared up with free Screen Sharing provides educators the means to transmit the right skills and tools of the trade to students.

Use #2 – Online Coaching

Make a great first impression with sessions that put you in the best light in front of clients. Every online coaching business relies on high-quality video and audio capabilities that make for a pleasant and productive two-way meeting. Free web conferencing that enables top-notch video calls provides clients with a safe and secure avenue to gain insights from their coaches.

Furthermore, with free web conferencing that provides the added benefit of an online conference room, coaches can run a multi-party workshop, webinar, or seminar.

Participants are invited to attend and hang out until the session gets underway. It’s easy to share the online conference room with participants and all they need to do is copy and paste the URL into the web browser to attend.

Want to record your meeting? Meeting recording is usually available as an add-on feature to free web conferencing.

Use #3 – Virtual Social Gatherings

ipad-kitchenVideo quality is of the utmost importance when you’re socializing online. No one wants to connect with loved ones when the connection keeps cutting out or when it’s difficult to connect in the first place!

Free web conferencing that’s browser-based ensures a quick and painless set up so you can get chatting with anyone from anywhere.

Don’t want to use your camera in a video chat? Connect to your friends and family by scheduling a free conference call meeting and chime in using only audio. You can still send fun files and memes, and share videos and pictures with your favorite people, near or far.

No matter the distance, free web conferencing gives you the technology to stay connected:

  • Throw an event like a family reunion, dance party or talent show
  • Watch live-streamed performances together and use the web-based text chat feature to comment
  • Explore a virtual field trip with your kids
  • Share recipes or lead a cooking night
  • Have a virtual games’ afternoon

The opportunities to socialize online are aplenty with free web conferencing that comes with everything you need.

Use #4 – Online Business

laptop-ladyYour online business requires web conferencing to flourish. With browser-based, zero-download software, plus free International Dial-In Numbers, you can physically set up shop anywhere while managing your business online.

Free web conferencing software provides you with the audio and video tools to grow your client list, manage vendors, access stakeholders, train employees, and manage your ever-changing contact list and calendar.

Your costs are reduced when you can depend on technology that’s effective and FREE. Reduce overhead costs when you and your team can work from anywhere, at any time, without an office. Cut down on travel costs, accommodation, and commuting with FREE conference calls, a FREE online meeting room, and FREE screen sharing. You can reallocate your hard-earned company dollars elsewhere.

Need to pull off a high-quality, persuasive remote sales pitch? Looking for an easy and effective way to present product demos? Let two-way communication technology support your business’ unique needs with Screen Sharing or the upgraded Meeting Recording function.

Especially when engaged in a bigger sync that involves decision-makers and upper management, virtual meeting rooms that are outfitted with Moderator Controls, Text Chat, Gallery and Speaker Views, and more, provide a sense of professionalism and make for a heightened user experience.

Use #5 – Support Groups

Instant access to emotional support is made available with reliable free web conferencing that comes with features to create a safe, private, and effective online space. Especially for sensitive topics like anxiety and depression, Internet Support Groups (ISGs) prove to be a “promising” option.

Participants are encouraged to share their stories of healing and experience through discussion supported by technology that acts as an outlet, provides a platform to share and grows group attendance.

With both audio and video, participants can be involved as much or as little as they want. Even instant messaging is an avenue for sharing and adding to the discussion. Participants can turn on their cameras for a more forward-facing sharing experience.

Or, if they prefer to remain anonymous or if they are in a rural community where bandwidth usage is limited, these remote meetings can rely solely on audio.

Free web conferencing gives people who have gone through trauma, a dramatic life change or illness, the required support to heal and be heard from wherever they are located. One on ones, private groups, or large audience interactions are all possible ways for support groups to take shape.

Experience how functions as the go-to free web conferencing platform that caters to an array of industries and businesses around the world. There are so many uses for web conferencing from enhancing how people interact socially in a digital landscape, to how people can seek support and compassion through an online connection.

The possibilities to connect and find new ways of bridging the gap online continues to evolve and streamline processes.

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