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Video Recording

Capture your conference calls and meetings with audio, video and screen share as an MP4 with a single click. Share your online video recording afterward so that not a single detail is missed.
video recording in call page on Macbook
app Top bar showing recording option under screen sharing mode

Capture every element of your online meeting with the screen video recorder including video, Screen Sharing, Chat Messages and Document Presenting. All Audio-Video Recordings can be viewed later.

Recording your meeting adds more context than simply taking notes. Recording Live Streaming Video increases the quality and quantity of information available to you. You can use this information after your conference as a reference or send to others who may not have attended.

You can easily record audio or video with either a PC or a Mac.

A lady on Live streaming screen
Screenshot of past recordings list

All your recordings can be accessed in one place within your online dashboard for easy watching, download, of sharing. All Video Recordings stored have a shareable link that you can copy and send after your conference. You can also download and share MP4s from the download list or access them from your online dashboard to play on demand.

Record on the spot or set to record automatically when scheduling, you decide.

screenshot of auto recording section under settings

Video Recording Is a Premium Feature Available With Pro & Deluxe Plans.

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