Record everything from video chat to screen capture to audio.

Capture every element of your online meeting with the screen video recorder including video, screen sharing, chat messages and document presenting. By video recording your online meeting you’ll ensure have a full record of your meeting. All audio-video recordings can be viewed later and will make whoever is watching them feel like they were really there at the moment.


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How to record a phone call or video conference using Free Conference.

Free conference gives you two options: Record audio with our Starter Plan or use our Plus Plan for video and audio call recordings. You can easily record your phone calls by inputting your moderator PIN and pressing *9. To record video conference calls on your computer, simply hit the record button at the top of your screen. It’s that easy.

Can I record a meeting, and why is that a good idea?

Absolutely, yes. And recording your meeting adds more context than simply taking notes. Recording live streaming video increases the quality and quantity of information available to you. You can use this information after your conference as a reference or send to others who may have missed the conference.


How to record a meeting using PC or Mac.

You can easily record audio or video with either a PC or a Mac. You can operate FreeConference with no downloads using Google Chrome, or download the desktop app by logging in to your dash and selecting ‘download app’ from the menu on the right-hand side of your screen.

Access your video recordings from the cloud.

All your recordings can be accessed in one place within your online dashboard for easy watching, download, of sharing. All video recordings stored have a shareable link that you can copy and send after your conference. You can also download and share MP4s from the download list or access them from your online dashboard to play on demand.

Record on the spot or set to record automatically when scheduling, you decide.

Video Recorder is a premium feature available with Plus & Pro Plans. Learn More >>

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