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How To Schedule a Meeting

How To Schedule a Meeting


With FreeConference, there are two ways of conference scheduling, either by making a ‘reservationless' call or a ‘web-scheduled’ call. Find out what the difference is, and see how each one works for you.

Reservationless Call

You do not have to formally schedule a call to initiate a meeting, for you can simply share your Conference Detail. Your Conference Detail can be found in your welcome email, on your dashboard or in the online meeting room. Once those information are copied, you can send it to your participants through email or text message and start a video conference call or online meeting instantly or at a later date.

Conference Scheduling

You can also use our Call Scheduling feature to plan your meetings in advance. Once you logged into your account, click the ‘Schedule’ button on the conference dashboard to initiate the process. You will first be asked to select the date and time of when your call to occur, as well as providing a subject and agenda of the conference. On this screen, you can also set the meeting as a Recurring Call.

Next, you will be asked to select your Contacts for the participants who will take part in the call. You can either select them if you already have them in your Address Book, or type or paste their email address in the field at the top. Participants can be removed by clicking on ‘Removed’ next to their contact information.

Now, you will be on the Conference Setting. On this screen, you can setup the call to automatically record once the meeting begins (provided that you had subscribed to the feature on our add-on store), and/or add any additional international or toll-free dial-in numbers for your participants to connect to FreeConference.

Finally, you will see the Confirmation Detail, where you can review the entirety of the scheduled meeting. When you are content with meeting, click ‘Schedule’ to confirm.

FreeConference automatically sends out an email invitation to your participants with all the information they need to join the meeting. They can also RSVP within the invitation to indicate that they will be joining the call. 15 minutes before the call, FreeConference will also send out a quick reminder email so everyone will be notified of the upcoming meeting.

Locate a Meeting

FreeConference keeps track of your future meetings that you had scheduled and your previous meetings that had occurred.

Under Upcoming Conferences, you will see a list of all your future calls. Here, you can ‘Edit’ your call and go through the Call Scheduling process if you need to modify meeting, such as rescheduling your meeting or adding additional participants. You can also Preview the call if you wish to see who had RSVP for the meeting.

Your previous calls are listed under Past Conferences, where you can find your post-call summaries of all your calls and the links of your Call Recordings.

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