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Free Online Address Book

Upload your online address book into for the fastest, easiest conference set up ever.
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The Online Address Book lets you import contacts and store email addresses and other contact information in your account for easy online meeting set up. This helps to ensure fast access and efficiency when you’re setting up schedules, invites, and reminders. Every person is already there. All your important names and numbers are in one place for synced up access and contact management in real time.

You can even add multiple contacts as a group. Bundling up saves time and lets you reach out to multiple people at once. Simply label the group, and next time you need to send out an invite, one click will fire off messages to everyone in the group.

The address book is a free feature. Add names in bulk or one at a time, export contacts, edit contact information and create groups of contacts. Save even more time when you can invite them all with just one click!

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