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How Conference Calls Can Help You Do Business Around the World

Imagine having a client in London and a supplier in Germany, all while you’re in the United States. You need to connect and want an inexpensive way to do it, but traveling for business can be costly Flights, hotels, per-diem, travel time, and more. All of these can add up. If you could have a meeting that wasn’t in person but was just as productive, wouldn’t you do that?'s video conferencing software for online business offers some great alternatives to the traditional meeting, as well as some great features that will help you do business around the world with conference calls, all while saving you money in the process.

International Calls:

international conference callsMany Conference Calling services offer international calling so that you can connect with whomever, whenever you want, at little to no cost. offers free International Dial-in Numbers in over 20 countries worldwide. We also offer additional numbers for a small fee, allowing you to conduct business meetings all over the world. They’re also really easy to use: Simply provide the person with the number that’s best for them, along with your pre-assigned access code. It’s your unique code that will ensure they are connected to the right call.

Video Conferencing:

International video conference calls Video calling lets you meet face-to-face. During a video call you can use facial expressions and body language, giving your clients the reassurance they deserve, likely leading to greater trust overall. Through Video calling, you can also enable other features like screen sharing, document sharing and call recording. All of these features allow you to impress your international clients at the click of a button.

Free Web Conferencing:

This is basically a combination of internet calling and phone conferencing; you can connect everyone with just an internet connection. web conferencing interfaces seamlessly with our dial-in numbers, video conferencing and screen sharing services, so you can give your callers the freedom to choose.

Lastly, did I mention that conference calls are easy to use? With, they’re entirely download-free! So why not let conference calls and help you do business around the world? You’ll be glad you did.

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