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How Video Calls Can Help the 21st Century Manager

In the old days of business, a manager woke up every day and went to the office, worked 9 to 5 and came home. Once home, they would be completely shut off from the world. Nowadays it’s not so easy... or not so hard, depending on how you look at it!

A manager nearly always has a cell phone and laptop, and rarely works the typical 9-5; they’re lots more flexible. With current technology, it’s convenient to take the appointment during the day and work the extra hours in the evening.

No matter how you arrange your schedule, there are bound to be times you will be away from your team. Whether it’s a snow day, you're traveling on business, or you or a team member just needs to work from home. As a manager, you need to prepare yourself, because there are certain to be times when you will need to communicate with your team no matter the distance. offers download-free Video Calling software. Yes, you read that right: DOWNLOAD-FREE. This means that in a matter of seconds, you can send your link to a team member and they can connect via computer for your Video Call. No more waiting for downloads or struggling with tricky meeting software, is easy and reliable.

Some other great features to use with Video Calls include:

Text Chat Window:

Use the chat window during your video call to send links, or just to keep track of questions.

Screen Sharing:

Share your screen during your video call with a click of a button. Walk your team through that client presentation late-night before the big meeting, or share a competitor’s website during a brainstorm. The options for sharing your screen are endless.

Document Share:

Forget email. If you're already on a video call, why not share your documents right then and there? Share documents through the chat window with the click of a button; it’s super simple.

There are so many other great features you can see on our Feature Page. With video calls you can now check in with your team on a regular basis, and meet face-to face no matter the distance!  The best part…. is FREE!

Happy Conferencing!

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