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Make An Impact With Your Nonprofit

Bring the community together to work towards a shared vision, and to make goals and reach them.
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Create A Committee

Maintain the structure and integrity of your nonprofit’s committees with a video conferencing solution that provides high-quality video and audio. Connect to anyone from anywhere even though it feels like you’re all in one room.

Coordinate Staff

Move towards a culture of online communication for brief or extended online meetings. Support staff via virtual performance reviews, brainstorming sessions, and group projects using Breakout Rooms, Call Scheduling and so much more.
group video call
online interview

Onboard Volunteers

Conduct interviews, do background checks and assist vulnerable populations with two-way video and voice communication. Host one-on-one meetings or try group sessions.

Stay In Contact With Vendors

Reach out to attract new vendors or stay connected to those you already trust with a professional platform loaded with free features like the mobile and desktop app, document sharing, and email support.

Host A Virtual Event

Bring awareness to your upcoming online fundraising event when you can host up to 100 call participants for free. Need more? Upgrade to a premium plan and you can have up to 250 call and video participants.

Design Online Campaigns

Update your fundraising strategy to include online ideas like peer-to-peer, social media sharing or donation matching drive, all using a video platform to support your cause.
online event

Features That Help Run Your Nonprofit

Use these features to manage staff and keep communication streamlined and direct

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Create your account and get access to everything you need for your business or organization to hit the ground running, like video and screen sharing, call scheduling, automated email invitations, reminders, and more.