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People have started relying on their smartphones for larger and larger parts of their lives. Long gone are the days of the archaic flip-phone. As technology has improved, people have begun using their phones for just about everything, including social media, scheduling and planning, the latest news, and of course standard phone functionality. It makes sense then to try out the FreeConference free smartphone calling app, available for both iOS and Android!

Conference from Wherever, Whenever, However you Want with our Free Smartphone Calling App

FreeConference-video-callBy utilizing our free calling app on the go, users find their schedules more flexible, and stress levels lowered. Users are no longer stuck with having to make calls by phone, and can now access free web conferencing on the go! With video conferencing available on Android and coming soon for iPhone, users find themselves with more conferencing freedom than ever before.

Say goodbye to hanging around the office computer for hours on end waiting for your web conference to start. FreeConference offers full desktop capabilities through our free calling app, which includes video conferencing, document sharing, conference scheduling, and more!

Full Desktop Capabilities from the Palm of your Hand

There is often a notion that mobile applications do not possess the same capabilities as their web counterparts. With our free calling app, users can find all of their favorite convenient features intact. Whether you’re looking for your call recording playback, reservationless calling, detailed call summaries, or even in-call instant chat, you can rest assured that all of your favorite things about FreeConference are still available in the palm of your hand.

Whether you use FreeConference’s free calling app while on-the-go, or just out of convenience, you can rest assured that the same excellent service will be provided. Explore all of our mobile-friendly features.


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