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Online Meeting SMS Notification

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Reach Out Instantly With SMS Invites and Reminders

Choose the fastest way to set up a meeting and reach callers. Share important meeting details sent straight to participants’ devices and saved in their calendars. Link SMS Invites to your Address Book and see how easy it becomes to access busy people when you can reach them directly.

Never Miss an Online Meeting Again With Our Handy SMS Notifications!

Register your mobile number with and you’ll receive a text message call notification fifteen minutes before a scheduled call, whether it’s one you’ve organized or one you were invited to.

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By registering your mobile number, you also gain access to PIN-less Entry. This feature automatically brings the account holder into the conference with the Moderator PIN, just by calling the conference dial-in number.

To register your number and confirm you’ve subscribed to text-message notifications, head to the PIN-less Entry & SMS page in Settings and make sure the box for “SMS notification” is toggled to the ON position.

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