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Save Time and Money with Video Meetings

Technology is often taken for granted. It is often forgotten just how helpful it can be in everyday life. People often think of all of the potential frustrations and inconveniences technology can cause without considering the benefits it can provide, since it has become a regular part of their lives. Even the most helpful technologies can be thought of resentfully, no matter how useful they are.

That being said, we here at Free Conference are always working on making our customers’ lives easier, without any of the hassle or frustration. Our free web and video calling services are simple and easy to use, and make it easy for you to save time and money!

Scheduling Conferences Like Never Before

Sometimes thecrappy worst part about a conference call is finding a good time for all participants, and preparing for the time commitment. Web Scheduling calls can be used to find the best time for your participants, even across multiple time zones,  with invitations and reminders sent out with full calendar-email integration.  Callers can more conveniently access their important conferences by phone or even by mobile app! Callers would be able to access video calling, screen sharing, and even document sharing/viewing during the conference, all for free.

By planning and scheduling important conferences, and being able to connect on the go, callers can save even more time. And even if they are unable to attend the call, a recording can be provided for their convenience, so they do not miss out on important information.

Face-to-Face Discussions Without the Hassle

There is something to be said about speaking face-to-face compared to over-the-phone. Things just feel more personal, and conversation flows more naturally, something speaking over the phone just can’t replicate. It’s no surprise that businesses often insist on important meetings being held in person, potentially even flying employees in. It may seem unnecessary, most likely because the same effect can be achieved through our free service. Important documents can be shared online, information can be presented, and video calling can be used to communicate face-to-face.

Regardless of how it’s used, Free Conference is sure to save both time and money, and conveniently provide helpful features for free. You can find a complete list of our features here for more information.

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