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Halloween: There’s Nothing Scarier Than Paying for Conference Calls!

Boo! It’s that time of year again: Halloween. Ghosts, goblins, all kinds of spooky scary stuff. But you know what’s REALLY scary? Paying for conference calls! Or for screensharing or international dial-in numbers! Only gives you all this for FREE:

Why not hook up on a video conference call, and everyone can show off their craziest costumes! Wouldn’t Grandma love to see little Susie dressed up as Harley Quinn? Or Johnnie in his Captain America costume?

Sound complicated? It’s not! Here’s all you do:

  1. Copy your Online Meeting Room link
  2. Paste into a text or email
  3. Send to friends and family, tell them when to join!

Boo! Give me all your candy!

The free version of our service accommodates up to 10 online participants. Of those, three active webcams can project while others can view. Bump up to the Starter Bundle at less than 10 dollars a month and run five webcams at once. Scare and share to your telltale heart’s delight!

While you're at it, why not take a photo? 

Hop onto a video call, take a screenshot of yourself in your fabulous Halloween costume and send it to for a chance to be featured on some of our promotions! Or if you'd prefer, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with your screenshot instead!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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