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Conference Calling on the Go

One of the biggest complaints people have about conference calls is the time commitment required. Scheduled calls can interrupt busy days or even weekends, and often require participants to delicately plan around the meeting. It becomes even more frustrating once these participants find themselves waiting for their peers to join the call, pushing the entire affair even further into their busy lives.

Luckily, we here at Free Conference make things a little easier for you by offering extensive conferencing options on the go! Whether you need a local dial-in number while abroad, or video calling from your mobile device, we’ve got you covered.

Conference Calls Have Never Been So Convenient

Conference anywhereBy providing multiple alternatives way to attend your conference, we’ve made them more convenient and hassle-free than ever before. While a conference call can no longer be used as an excuse to get out of picking the kids up, it will no longer take a huge chunk out of your schedule. Callers can access their scheduled calls by landline or mobile phone, but they also have the option of connecting via internet through either their laptop or mobile device. Our mobile apps allow participants to not only access their conferences on the go, but also share their own and receive others’ video feeds.  

Conferencing From Anywhere

Customers find themselves amazed at how many features Free Conference offers to ensure that everybody can attend a scheduled conference, it’s almost like there’s no escape… Coworkers traveling abroad can also join in on the conferencing fun by using a local dial-in number. Even if they find themselves on a busy train, they can take advantage of moderator modes and muting controls to ensure they don’t interrupt the call.  Other callers can connect their phones to their vehicle’s hands-free devices to make the most out of their commutes. Those working from home can even utilize web conferencing from their computers, while their peers connect by phone or web from all over the world!

As technology advances more and more, Free Conference ensures that you can make the most of it by using our free services! You can find a complete list of our features here for more information.



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