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Mobile Conference Call Apps Shatter the Boundaries of Time and Space

Organizations know that meetings are necessary to keep communication flowing between staff teams.

Unfortunately, the more staff you have and the more spread out they are, the more difficult it gets to assemble the right people in the same room at the same time.

Luckily, you don't have to be Einstein to figure out how to engage all those people in space-time. The simple solution is to use Web Conferencing for meetings.

Even if you all work in the same building, by eliminating the "travel and assembly" portion, conference calls gives you the freedom to make it easy and convenient for staff teams to communicate better.

Mobile Conference Call Apps shatter the boundaries of time and space to take this freedom to a whole other level.

Freedom of location with Mobile Conference Call Apps

Let's say you need to meet a client across town at 10 am Monday morning but your regular staff meeting is at 9 am. With your free mobile app on your phone you can park in your client's parking lot and attend your staff meeting sitting in your car, or in a nearby coffee shop.

Is your staff meeting a Video Conference? No problem, you are connected. Is information being displayed with Screen Sharing? No problem, you can flip through the documents on your phone.

At 9:55 am, say goodbye to your colleagues, and you'll be one minute early for your client’s meeting. With mobile conference call apps, you can be everywhere at once.

Freedom from time

Sometimes, we just can't make a staff meeting, even over the phone. Maybe we are in a different time zone, or have a scheduling conflict. But we still need to know exactly what happened at a meeting. Did the new guy from Engineering do a good presentation? Was it well received?

What was the decision? Did Accounting support it? Now you'll know.

Even when you can't be there virtually, you can use Call Recording to catch up on everything that happened. Conference call recording makes an Mp3 file of the entire meeting and emails it to you within two hours, so you will have it all. Or, if you don't have time to watch the whole show, use Transcription to get written meeting minutes you can quickly scan for the nuggets of information you need.

Global freedom

The mobile App works pretty well anywhere on planet earth, of course. Maybe you had to fly to another city. You can use a handy Toll Free Number so you don't have to fiddle with tracking your expenses.

Even if you have to set a meeting up from the side of the road or an airport lounge, you can use your conference call mobile app to access Call Scheduling and quickly initiate the automatic, free Invitations and Reminders that come with's service. The sound quality will be perfect, because you are using your phone to speak and listen, while you use the Internet to keep the call organized.

All the regular teleconferencing Features that you are used to saving time with still work over the mobile app. There are no confusing "press star" commands; you are accessing your regular online Personal Meeting Room.

The Mobile App Space-Time Continuum

Conference calls have always saved you time, but our new free calling app make you a master of "space" too. It's enough to make Einstein jealous. All he had to work with was a blackboard and a piece of chalk.

Mobile conference call apps are the only thing in the Universe that can escape the Event Horizon of a physical meeting, but there are two things you don't want to do with them.

One is, of course, not to move and talk at the same time, unless you are comfortably settled in a commuter train. The other is; make sure you don't take your phone to the cottage for your summer vacation, or all that freedom to work will cut into your freedom to play!

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