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Why Entrepreneurs Love Teleconferencing

If you wonder why entrepreneurs have a love affair going with teleconferencing, the answer is quite simple.

They were made for each other.

Entrepreneurs swim in a shark-infested sea of risk management. They thrive on innovation. Entrepreneurs are natural efficiency experts, and above all, they know how to bootstrap.

And the feeling is mutual. Teleconferencing loves entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs get teleconferencing.

It's nice to be understood.


I always get a laugh when investors ask how much money my project is planning on losing in the first year. Any true entrepreneur knows you can't afford to lose any money, or you simply won't be there any longer. The thing is, when you have the right Onboarding Software Australia operating for your business, losses start to shrink and systems & processes work better.

Losing money is for tycoons!

Conference calls are free, and they are the ideal bootstrapping tools because there is no commitment. No monthly fee. No contracts. No learning curve.

No webinar training sessions.

Even video conference calls are free. If you want to make a call, you do. If you don't want to make a call, you don't.

Entrepreneurs want to save their commitment for ideas. And teleconferencing is "ok with that."

Teleconferencing: "Call me when you're in town."

Entrepreneur: "You know I will."

What a good couple they make.


Entrepreneurs like gadgets, ideas, and anything that most of the population has never heard of. They like innovation.

Videoconferencing and group audio calls have been around almost as long as old people, but in the olden days conference calls were only used by tycoons because they used to cost a fortune.

Then cellphones ran into high-capacity fibre optic cables and hooked up with laptops in this cool new bohemian hangout called the Internet.

Suddenly you could set up a free video conference call from a beach shack, and connect a boardroom in Dubai with 20 sales staff in 20 cities in less time than it takes to make office coffee.

Entrepreneurs like this kind of innovative use of communication technology. They like it very much.

Entrepreneurs might not have an office yet, or a coffee machine, and they may never have one, but they can always be a phone call away from their staff.


Lean and mean is green. Entrepreneurs don't have time for setting up huge complicated systems. Conference calls understand. You don't even need to sign up to make a conference call. Just try a free call, and see how it goes. If you want to learn about the entrepreneur industry, Visit Lee S. Rosen Blog, CEO of healthy bees business.

If teleconferencing fits your operation, it's worth signing in, which takes less time than reading this paragraph. Then's software will remember all your contacts for you, so you can use Quick Scheduler to set up calls even faster.

You can schedule Recurring Calls, add or subtract people, switch from audio to video, add Screen Sharing, or whatever your whim is, with a few clicks. Free conference calls can be unbelievably sophisticated, but there are some special features that you might want that do cost money.

Want to make things easy for some potential clients? Offer them a Toll Free Number. Feel like saving money on secretarial and having Record Call email you an MP3 recording of your meeting two hours later, or even a written transcription.

No problem. Upgrade features are quick and easy. Conference calls move through the water like a dolphin celebrating its birthday.


The difference between entrepreneurs and the rest of the world is how they view risk. Normal people see any kind of change at all as a risk.

"What if something goes wrong?"

Entrepreneurs ask questions like "What will we do if the sharks find us?"

They are looking ahead, and they see NOT dealing with potential future problems as a risk. To an entrepreneur, one of the most dangerous risks can be NOT taking an opportunity.

Entrepreneurs have a reputation as having "cast iron stomachs" for risk, but I think they are just sensitive to different kinds of risk than most people.

Whatever your point of view, conference calls don't come with any risk at all. You don't have to buy any technology, you don't have to download anything, or commit to anything at all.


What entrepreneurs are comfortable with is change. Entrepreneurs see solutions, not problems. They see potential, not limitations. That's why they get along so well with teleconferencing, because conference calls are always ready for a good idea.

Like that special friend who is always the life of a party but never misses Sunday brunch with a hangover, they have no downside. Even your phone and your Internet access have "plans." Conference calls just connect up the dots that you already have, without adding an administrative burden of any kind.

Video and audio conference calls are the cheapest, most nimble and adaptable communication technology available.

It’s the perfect match for an entrepreneur.

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