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4 Benefits of Web Conferencing Training Courses

Long distance education used to be the poor cousin of "bricks and mortar" learning. If you couldn't afford the time or expense of day school, you would take a "correspondence course," and "snail mail" your lessons and instructions back and forth.

Times have changed.

Convenient conference call technology has made education more accessible, and "eLearning" has become the new affordable way to learn.

What you might not know is that the interactive nature of web conference training courses can make them better than traditional sit-down classes, not just less expensive. Here are four reasons why.

1. Lower training costs

It is so much easier to move information and ideas than it is to move people. Moving people requires airplanes, cars including a trade insurance uk, highways and hotels. Communication travels effortlessly down fiber optic cables and over WiFi. Free Web Conference technology lives in the Cloud, and doesn't even represent an overhead cost for an eLearning professional or organization. It's free.

The cost savings per student allow businesses to excel at professional development, and train far more people to a higher level. Better-trained staff result in better customer care, increased sales, and richer profits. Non-profits with tight budgets can use the savings from eTraining to achieve their organizational goals more.

Independent students can just pocket the cash and time saved, then use it for whatever they would rather be doing.

2. Team collaboration

Web conference training courses have a huge technical advantage over classroom training called "Free Screen Sharing." Because every student is working together in a virtual classroom, the participants not only see the Shared Desktop on their own laptops, they can add to it. Students can share videos and files from their own computers on the fly, and text each other on the side of the screen.

Group projects are a snap, and group learning promotes better learning.

3. Improved, interactive learning

Video Conferencing is a two-way street that puts everybody in clear communication with each other. ETrainers can ask questions, students can respond, "think out loud," and work together to learn how to learn under the careful mentorship of a teacher.

Educators know that a good question at just the right moment is worth its weight in gold.

Participatory education holds that students are not just empty vessels to be filled with approved information, but "educational fires to be lit." The interactive nature of web conference training courses makes lighting that fire much easier, and supplies a steady stream of "oxygen" to promote combustion.

4. Conference call features offer course flexibility

There are so many Features of web conference calls that make eLearning cheaper and better. Even simple setup systems like Google Calendar Sync and Invitations and Reminders to attend class, help people save their time and energy for what really matters, which is learning.

Moderator Controls make it easy for teachers to decide when to blend common access to the educational "floor," with focused one-way information segments, using "Presentation Mode" to screen out unwanted background noise.

Why haul your body out of bed in the morning and plunk it down in a lecture hall with 700 other students, craning your neck to see the tiny figure of your professor droning away behind a podium?

Using the Mobile Conference Call App, you can make your time more efficient and get to class while you're anywhere from jogging through a park, or in San Francisco to attend your sister's wedding.

Can't make class? Then use Conference Call Recording to keep up with the pack.

Web conference educational solutions

Web conference training sessions solution saves money for students and eLearning organizations, and allow people of all incomes to get the education they need with no geographical limitations. Not every town has the level of expertise to train its citizens in every skill they need to thrive.

The Internet and eLearning make knowledge something everyone can share.

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