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Improve Your Next Sales Pitch With Conference Call Recording

Video Recording Matters! Why A Conference Call Recording Could Help Your Next Sales Pitch

Sales PitchIf you’re someone who makes regular sales pitches as part of their job, you’ve probably become pretty good at them. You know when to make small talk, when to pause, and when to talk sales. But I’m willing to bet that there’s a way you can easily improve your sales pitches: conference call recording.

Hear me out for a second. How many times have you had to rely on your memory to determine what you did right or wrong on a past sales pitch? How many times have you had a “weird feeling” about how a call went with no way to tell why? How many times have you let co-workers sit with you in uncomfortable silence during your sales pitch so that they could “gain experience”?

Here’s why conference call recording can help you solve these problems and more.

A Conference Call Recording Can Help You See Your Mistakes

MistakesAs a sales employee, I’m sure you know the value of coaching. But when you don’t have any material to go over, you have to rely on memory to determine what you did wrong --and that can be a tricky thing since everyone can remember things differently.

Instead, you can just re-watch your sales pitch video recording to hear where you may have slipped up, and then create a plan for fixing any problems that you see. Where memories can lie to you, recordings never fail to show the truth.

Old Video Recording Can Help You Zero In On Missed Opportunities

Accuracy“Everyone’s got a tell”, as the old poker adage goes. When you watch old recordings of your previous sales pitches, you can sometimes catch more than mistakes: you can catch opportunities.

After watching a sales pitch from a few days ago, you might realize that one of your potential clients keeps looking at their partner before answering your questions. Realizing that the partner is probably one that gets to make all the choices, you might decide to send your follow-up communications to that partner instead of the first person.

Small changes like this might not make much of a difference all at once, but having 24/7 access to all of your recordings could help you make gradual course corrections that steer your organization to a more profitable future.

It’s Incredibly Easy To Share Recordings With Your Team

While it’s a great idea to have junior team members sit in on client pitches to gain experience, there are other ways for your less-experienced team members to learn the ropes.

When you share recordings of past sales pitches, you give your team an easily accessible way to view your video recording at their convenience without any of the pressure that normally comes with something as important as a client pitch.

Using conference call recording, you can help your team grow and gain experience at an accelerated rate compared to just having them join in on your pitches.

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