Communicating outside the box

Viagra was initially designed to treat high blood pressure until someone supervising the clinical trials suggested, “You know, I think there just might be some other “applications” that, umm, we could possibly use this for”.

After an interesting detour through a 2007 study where Viagra was convincingly proven to assist jet lag recovery in hamsters, Viagra found its true calling, went on to “pump up” drug company Pfizer’s flagging stock market performance, and the rest is “cheesy television commercial” history.

Sometimes we just don’t see all the uses for new technology at once.

Conference calls are another example. Most people use teleconferencing to improve the flow of communication in an organization. Group calling is easy to organize, saves money, and respects staff time.

But not so many people are even aware that with just one click of a mouse they can select “Record Conference” while they are setting up a conference call and open up a whole world of new applications and benefits.

Capturing the moment

FreeConference’s call recording service automatically records the entire call, converts it to a handy MP3 file, pops it up into a convenient Internet location for a month, and emails users a telephone playback access code within two hours.

Up to 150 people can phone in and listen at once, and the MP3 file can be downloaded for emailing or embedded in the user’s website or YouTube account. The file can even be transcribed to produce a written copy.

You could write a book by conference call!

Suddenly your speech or meeting isn’t something that just happened in a moment of time, it is transformed by call record into a permanent manuscript, in multiple formats, with almost unlimited applications.

Boundless communication possibilities

Creating Podcasts is the first and most obvious application, but there are so many more.

Churches have discovered that they can use conference calling technology to record sermons and not only broadcast them so the flock can join the congregation virtually, but upload them so people can catch up on the ideas later.

Imagine keeping up your spiritual connection by listening to your pastor while you are hiking the West Coast Trail with your family on vacation!

Teleconference call recording means the house of God can be anywhere.

Teachers can do the same and use conference call recording to capture lectures, emailing the access code to registered students, who can either catch up on missed classes, or even refer back to the podcast later to fill in their notes.

“This class may be recorded for educational purposes!”

Administrators love using call recording as a simple and unobtrusive way of capturing Board Meetings for official minutes, which can be automatically transcribed for organizations without dedicated transcription staff.

Small organizations without all the corporate bells and whistles now have easy access to powerful information technology.


Conference call recording is completely free with FreeConference Premium, or can be purchased for a small monthly rate if using the Desktop Sharing option. Long term storage is available.

Conference call recording can add significant value to “day to day” operations.

Keeping in touch? Now everybody is on board, even if they are in a different time zone. Inspiring a crowd? Now you can listen back and analyse your speech to hear where the audience really responded. Giving a lecture? Now you’re gathering material for a book on the subject.

Conference call record” is a great way to communicate “outside the box”.