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The Benefits of Conference Call Recording

Everyone is trying to improve their business, but big picture solutions often overshadow the low hanging fruit. Conference call recording is a perfect example, it’s an easy way to open up a host of new applications and benefits. Think of recordings as the evolution of note taking, it is detailed, clear, and does not miss information. Fast paced dialogue, technical terms, specific details, and even foreign languages are all issues that could be fixed with a click of “Record.”

Managing the Increasing Remote Work Force

Remote workingThe number of people working remotely has drastically increased the past 10 to 15 years. To adapt to that trend, businesses have to find a way to maintain the effectiveness of those employees. The perfect solution to remote working is the conference call recorder.

A recorded call could help remote workers maintain their goals. Since they require virtual meetings to communicate with the company anyway, a call recording is a great reference point. It’s also a great reference for the company or manager to hold remote workers accountable. Meeting recordings can also act as a refresher, as remote teammates can reconfirm deadlines or tasks.

Deliverables to Different Client Bases

Different clientsWe realize that video conference calls could be used in a variety of different ways. The recordings on those meetings could be an extra asset for your customers. In group product demos and webinars, the recordings could be given to the customers that happen to miss the call. In prayer calls, recordings ensure that the absent callers don’t miss out.

In another example, the attitudes of different students could be difficult to deal with in online education. But with call recording, teachers could improve their teaching methods by listening to their own classes and adjusting accordingly.

Taking Meeting Minutes

Taking meeting minutesDocumenting meeting minutes for your company could be a tedious task. But conference call recordings provide the solution with a few clicks of a mouse. On FreeConference, you could record your audio and video with a click of a button or *9, and every recording made would be stored on your account. This allows for you to go back to it if you missed something while taking meeting minutes, you could even attach the recording to your report afterwards for good measure. That’s not all, now can automatically transcribe your recordings, taking most of the hassle off meeting minutes.

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